$100,000 gold nugget found in WA massive 68-ounce (3.23kg) gold nugget worth more than $100,000 has been uncovered in remote Western Australia. Named the ‘Duck’s Foot’ due to its shape, was the biggest of a half dozen sizeable nuggets found during the same trip, found with the Minelab GPZ 7000 gold detector.


THE ‘DUCK’S FOOT’ with another specimen found on the same expedtion
Rob Anderson, owner of the prospector’s pick

The prospector, who doesn’t want to be named to protect his identity, uncovered the nugget in a rather remote area in Western Australia’s Norther Goldfields. The fellow, who’s retired, heads into the region on camping and touring trips, taking the detector with him and spends weeks at a time in the region.

The ‘Duck’s Foot’ was uncovered using Minelab’s state of the art GPZ 7000 detector, coupled with the GPZ 19, a massive 19-inch coil.

“The GPZ 7000 with the GPZ 19 coil goes deeper than anything else I’ve used,” he said. “When you find something with the 19” you have to dig a wide hole to get the coil in, but if you dig a narrower hole and put in a 14” coil can lose the signal, even when the coil is in the hole!”

Rob Anderson who owns the Prospectors Pick in Bunbury, Western Australia, has known the anonymous prospector for a long time.


“I think it’s fair to say he’s been very successful over the years. He loves being outside, enjoying the outback, but at the same time he takes his prospecting very seriously. He really knows the technology, he updates it regularly to make sure he has the best, and he’s a specialist when it comes to finding deep nuggets. I think this find proves there’s still a lot of gold still out there, even in areas you might think have been picked clean.”

This just goes to show that there is still a lot of gold to be found out there in this incredible country of ours; especially so with Minelab’s gear, that is all designed, engineered, and built here in Australia. Now would be the time to look at getting your hands on a quality detector to throw into the 4X4, as it would seem that there are still $100,000 gold nuggets under our feet; we just need to go find them.

Souce: mr4x4.com.au

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