From the late 18th century, Vacheron Constantin began developing prototypes of complicated astronomical watches.

Horology originated from the observation and study of celestial bodies, so astronomical features have always held an important position, including a series of indicators typical of the Gregorian calendar, along with many other displays of movement. movements of the stars.

Some common indicators include calendar, moon phase, sidereal time, and celestial chart. More rarely, some complex features such as predicting solar and lunar eclipses, tide gauges, sunrise and sunset times… appear in the super premium version.

Vacheron Constantin’s first pocket watch was born in 1773 – during the workshop’s infancy. The year 1884 marked an important milestone when the manufacturer introduced a two-sided version, with a 48-month perpetual calendar and moon phases.

The 1920s and 1930s marked a glorious period, especially the astronomical pocket watch produced for King Fouad I of Egypt, which combined the features of a split-second chronograph, a perpetual calendar, a minute repeater and a mechanical mechanism. Grande, Petite Sonnerie.

Throughout the 20th century, Vacheron Constantin remained faithful to a classic yet elegant approach, emphasizing watchmaking mechanisms, including a perpetual calendar in a pocket model. Special creations appealed to aficionados, including a gold pocket model created in 1946, with a minute repeater, chronograph and perpetual calendar displaying the moon phases.

The perpetual calendar remains a popular mechanism, reproduced in the Patrimony, Traditionnelle and Overseas collections. This trend is clearly reflected in the version launched in 2019 – Traditionelle Twin Beat with perpetual calendar.

In recent years, the brand has also made its mark with a complex model that has been likened to a work of art – the “Tour de l’île,” with 16 horological and astronomical complications, launched in 2005 on the 250th anniversary of its founding. established Maison.

With the Les Cabinotiers department – specializing in special artifacts, astronomical samples are elevated to art. Among them, the Armillary perpetual calendar – Planetaria offers a jumping-equipment perpetual calendar, adjusted by a dual-axis tourbillon and a 3D model depicting two hemispheres for the 24-hour and day and night indicators.

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