The Noble brand is a car company from the UK. Although not a popular car brand, the car models from this brand possess unique and impressive designs. In 2018, the brand promised to launch new models and so far, the car company has announced more details of the M500 model.

The Noble M500 is more affordable than the M600 model with a starting price of only $205,000. The M500 will no longer use the Volvo-sourced V8 engine, switching to Ford’s 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6. Regarding standard equipment, the engine block is expected to be capable of generating 500 horsepower, but the Noble brand plans to refine it to increase the output power level to 550 horsepower when the car is opened for commercial sale.

The power level of the M500 is lower than the 650 horsepower output of the Noble M600. In order to increase the car’s impressive driving experience, the brand has only one choice: Graziano’s six-speed manual transmission. The brand will also not equip the car with anti-lock brakes or airbags, nor will it have an active suspension system.

Similar to the M600, the new supercar will be installed with a double wishbone suspension system with coil springs and passive dampers. The vehicle’s steering system will be supported by hydraulics. According to a statement from Noble CEO Peter Boutwood, he said that the vehicle’s handling will be quite similar to its “predecessor” Noble M600.

According to Boutwood, the M500 will possess a steel tubular space frame structure 70% similar to the M600. However, the British car brand has made adjustments to help users get in and out of the car more easily with lower door steps on both sides. In terms of overall design, the Noble M500 possesses softer, more modern design lines than the previous Noble M600, which had a somewhat outdated design.

This supercar model with a V6 engine has been stripped of the cumbersome design lines of the M600, and the car’s rear bumper has been redesigned and streamlined compared to the M600. The rear of the car is simply designed with a high carbon diffuser, an expanded grille on the rear bumper and two exhaust tips on both sides of the bumper.

The air vents on the side of the car are still retained similar to the M600, however the M500 is equipped with air vents on the body along with an air vent in the C-pillar somewhat similar to the new Ford GT. The car’s interior is completely covered with suede material, the car is equipped with a small screen, and unnecessary function buttons have been removed.

In order to reduce production costs and prices while still ensuring quality, the body of the car is finished by the Noble brand with fiberglass material. Therefore, the brand expects the starting price for the car model to be $205,352. At this price, the Noble M500 will be a new choice for those who want a pure supercar equipped with a manual transmission.

As expected, the Noble brand also plans to offer options using lightweight carbon fiber materials to make vehicle details. One of these options has the option of a body made entirely of carbon, however with this equipment, the selling price of an M500 can be significantly more expensive than the initial price of $205,000. Because the car has been stripped of some safety equipment, the M500 will be very light, with an estimated weight of only 1250 kg.

​This supercar model from the British brand is capable of accelerating from 0 – 96 km/h in just 3.5 seconds. Furthermore, the car will be capable of reaching a maximum speed of up to 320 km/h. Because it is a small-scale car manufacturer, the Noble brand expects an annual output of about 50 units. The first cars will be shipped and delivered this year.

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