Compared to the final version of its predecessor, the Revuelto is not only faster and more powerful, but also safer, more practical and more efficient.

When Lamborghini unveiled the world’s first V12 plug-in hybrid supercar, the Revuelto, people quickly realized that although the car now has an electrified element, its most valuable asset is of the Italian automaker, the 6.5-liter V12 engine is still fully maintained.

Notably, this engine inside the engine compartment of the Revuelto is not exactly the same as the one equipped for the Aventador Ultimae model, because the position has been rotated 180 degrees, has stronger power parameters, can reaches the redline threshold of 9,500 rpm and also possesses lighter weight.

The 800 rpm higher redline compared to the Aventador Ultimae is not the only thing the Revuelto does better, which is fully demonstrated through the 5 reasons below.

1. Outstanding performance

Aventador Ultimae is a car model with extremely impressive parameters: 769 horsepower at 8,500 rpm and 722 Nm of torque at 6,750 rpm. Revuelto’s new V12 engine also reaches maximum torque at the same rpm but 4 units more, 726 Nm, and the power level from the L545 engine is 813 horsepower at 9,250 rpm, Encouraging speed enthusiasts to squeeze out everything this engine has to offer.

Compression ratio of 12.6:1 (increased from 11.8:1 in Ultimae) creates a power/cylinder capacity ratio of 126 horsepower/liter, the highest in the history of 12-cylinder engines linen from Lamborghini. Add to that the presence of three electric motors, and you have a total output of up to 1,001 horsepower.

The Ultimae accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 355 km/h. Meanwhile, Revuelto only needs 2.5 seconds for the 0-100 km/h distance before reaching the same maximum speed as its predecessor.

2. Better aerodynamics and improved steering feel

Lamborghini has claimed that the Revuelto has 33% better aerodynamic load performance at the front and 74% better at the rear than the Ultimae. This results in 61% better performance and 66% more downforce at extremely high speeds. In short, the Revuelto is the more stable car.

When you need to slow down, the front brakes with 10-piston calipers instead of 6, with 410×38 mm discs with an extra 10 mm in diameter. The rear discs have the same increase to reach 390×32mm but still have 4-piston calipers. The discs now have a friction layer for better performance, lower temperatures and less noise. If you hold down the lever on the left side of the steering wheel, the ‘continuous downshift’ feature of the new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will quickly shift to lower gears, further reinforcing the car’s deceleration ability. car.

As you steer, you’ll discover that the anti-roll bars are 11 percent stiffer at the front and 50 percent stiffer at the rear. Combined with a carbon fiber monocoque, electric torque vectoring and a 10% reduced steering ratio, the Revuelto has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to maneuver flexibly in any situation. The car is 10% lighter than the chassis of the Aventador Ultimae, thanks to a 20% lighter front frame and a significant 25% increase in torsional stiffness.

3. More usable space

From the outside, the Revuelto has a smooth, aerodynamic design like the long-standing tradition of Lamborghini supercars, but in reality the designers have tried to expand the cabin to make the people sitting inside comfortable. than. Compared to the Aventador, the Revuelto’s roof clearance and legroom are 26 and 84 mm wider, respectively. Behind the two seats there is now even enough room for a golf bag.

Users also get handy storage compartments under the center console and between the two seats, and a cupholder on the passenger side of the console. In the world of supercars, only Koenigsegg is better than Lamborghini Revuelto in this regard as it has long been equipped with many cup holders, but with most of the rest, the practicality factor is still overlooked due to lack of space.

4. Improved connectivity and infotainment

The new HMI control interface on Revuelto includes 3 screens: a 12.3-inch instrument screen cluster, an 8.4-inch central display screen and a 9.1-inch secondary screen on the passenger side. This change brings the Revuelto up to speed with contemporary Ferrari models and provides a significant improvement over the Aventador’s old system, which was based on technology used for Audi.

The navigation system on the center screen provides all the essential information such as real-time traffic situation, weather, parking, gas stations, charging points, etc. along with opening hours and prices. , if any. The integrated Alexa virtual assistant, What3Words and SiriusXM 360L technologies provide additional useful functionality. Over-the-air updates will keep your system fresh. Most notably, all entertainment information on the center screen can be transferred to the remaining 2 screens with just a two-finger swipe.

5. Safety

This is probably the least attractive factor when mentioning a newly launched supercar, but it plays the most important role. Revuelto does not disappoint as for the first time in the world it is equipped with an ultra-light carbon frame, reducing vehicle weight while still ensuring excellent anti-torque stability, keeping users safe.

Revuelto is also the first supercar in the world to have a front crash structure made entirely of carbon fiber, possessing twice the energy absorption properties of a conventional front bumper. In addition, Revuelto is also the first Lamborghini to have a complete ADAS driver assistance system, including lane keeping assist system, blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, something that any Anyone who has ever backed a Lamborghini wants to have one. A surround-view camera system is also included, so you have no reason to scratch the rims.

The car also features Lamborghini Connect, a tracking system that allows owners to capture fuel levels, battery charge, electric range and the exact location the car is parked. Additionally, the Unica app allows locking or unlocking the doors, honking the horn, or activating the lights (some of these can be done via Apple Watch), all remotely. More importantly, the system allows owners to set a certain speed limit or geographic range and even the time the vehicle is allowed to be used. The car cannot be disabled remotely, but the owner will know if their 17-year-old son went out, where he went, when, and the car’s speed during the entire trip.

Finally, the Revuelto is safer for the environment, promising a 30% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to previous Lamborghini models.

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