In an unexpected and risky collaboration, Fred Lewis has decided to join forces with his neighbor Brendan Clayton to enhance gold production. The decision to shutter his wash plant and transfer equipment to Clayton’s larger operation marks not only a pivotal step but also unveils a new chapter in the gold rush. Amidst apprehension and anticipation, Fred set a bold goal: to triple the current gold output, a formidable challenge for both teams.

  1. Fred Lewis has partnered with neighbor Brendan Clayton to increase gold production, shutting down his wash plant and moving equipment to Clayton’s larger operation.
  2. The decision is seen as risky, as both teams now operate as one, combining smaller and larger equipment to maximize efficiency.
  3. The joint operation aims to achieve a significant increase in production, with a goal of processing 1800 yards a day and tripling the current output.
  4. Challenges arise, such as a blown tire on a crucial loader, causing three hours of downtime and intensifying the pressure on Fred to prove the success of the partnership.
  5. Despite the challenges, the first gold weigh-in since the partnership shows a substantial increase, with Fred’s half share totaling 38.66 ounces, more than double the combined average of both crews before the collaboration.


Despite facing relentless challenges, from errors to lost working hours, Fred and his team persevered to demonstrate the success of this daring partnership. And the results speak volumes. On the gold scale, the figures reveal a significant increase, with Fred achieving 38.66 ounces – a number far surpassing expectations and his most substantial achievement to date. Although the road ahead is long and fraught with difficulties, Fred and Brendan have proven that collaboration and unity can lead to remarkable successes in the unpredictable race for gold. NEXT

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