A man found a gold ring believed to originate from the 14th century, worth nearly 90,000 USD in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, England.

Gold ring with sapphire found in Sherwood forest, England. Photo: Mark Thompson/BNPS.

Mark Thompson, 34 years old, found a medieval gold ring in Sherwood forest, Nottinghamshire, England, Sun reported on December 19. This is a famous forest due to its association with the legend of the hero Robin Hood.

Mark used a metal detector to search the forest. Hearing the signal from the detector, he used a shovel to scoop up the mud and discovered a gold ring with a sapphire stone.

“I was happy to know it was a gold ring. At that time I didn’t realize its value,” Mark said.

One side of the ring is engraved with the image of a newborn baby. Photo: Mark Thompson/BNPS.

The ring is believed to have originated in the 14th century with images of babies and saints engraved on both sides. According to Mark, auctioneers estimated the ring to cost $24,000-86,000.

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