Aston Martin DB6 is a classic two-door sports car with extremely high collectible value. For this reason, owning a DB6 is not easy for today’s car collectors as well as Maintaining, repairing, and maintaining classic cars is not an easy thing. Understanding this desire, the Lunaz brand recently launched this legendary DB6 electrification project with limited production quantities, priced at 1 million USD for each unit.

Lunaz is a brand famous for converting and electrifying many classic British car models into modern cars. The car company has carried out many different projects based on models such as the first generation Continental or even the Range Rover Classic. Currently, David Beckham owns 10% of the shares of this promising upgraded brand. Recently, the brand introduced its latest electrified model built based on the Aston Martin DB6.

Replacing the original 4.0-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine of the DB6 is a modern battery pack developed by the Lunaz brand itself with battery capacity ranging from 80kWh-120 kWh and range of travel for each time. The car’s charging range can be up to 410 km. Currently, the brand has not provided more detailed information about the performance as well as other detailed parameters of this DB6 version, however, equipped with an electric motor, the car may have a higher level of performance. More impressive than the original.

Each electric Aston Martin DB6 built by Lunaz is completely restored down to the smallest detail. The brand will restore and reinforce the chassis details to give the classic British sports car a consistent look with a modern engine. In terms of exterior design and interior decoration, Lunaz’s DB6 is almost no different from regular DB6s. The car model still retains the elegant and classic exterior design of the DB6.

The car model was restored, replacing a series of details such as the brake system, the steering system was fine-tuned and the suspension system on the car was upgraded to modern standards to suit the electric powertrain system. . Regarding the interior, the electrified DB6 version has also been upgraded with many modern amenities including air conditioning system, infotainment system, navigation features and Wi-Fi equipment. The vehicle’s floor mats are made from 100% recycled materials. Leading the electrification project of this car model is design director Jen Holloway, who used to head Aston Martin’s Q-Branch department.

David Lorenz, founder and CEO at Lunaz Group said: “The launch of the electric Aston Martin DB6 stems from the wishes of our VIP customers. The car is also a symbol for the need to own modernized classic cars that can continue to be used for many years. Our customers are attracted to models from Lunaz because they can admire them as well as like being able to own cars with classic looks and modern electric powertrains in line with the future electrification trend.”

All electrified Aston Martin DB6s will be assembled at Lunaz’s headquarters at Silverstone Technology Park. Assembly work will be done by a team of 100 engineers who have worked for Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, McLaren and Rolls-Royce. According to initial information, each electric Aston Martin DB6 will cost more than $1 million. Currently, Lunaz Group expects to deliver the first cars in the third quarter of 2023. Lunaz will also accept orders for electrified DB5 and DB4 cars according to customer’s specific requirements.

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