A British couple was lucky enough to find valuable diamond jewelry hidden under an old chair purchased for $6.60 at an auction.

Rings, earrings and diamond brooches are hidden underneath the chair. Photo: Telegraph.

According to the Telegraph, Mrs. Angela Milner-Brown and her husband, 50 years old, in Lanarkshire, England, bought an old chair for $6.60 at an auction 10 years ago and then stored it in the attic without even realizing it. the existence of jewelry hidden under the chair.

“A few years ago, my husband surprised me with a diamond ring for our wedding anniversary. He found it under the couch. The following Valentine’s Day, he gave me a pair diamond earrings and a diamond brooch for Easter. Last time, the owner must have hidden them under the chair. We couldn’t believe it,” Angela shared.

The chair was bought by Angela and Angus at an auction for $6.60. Photo: Telegraph.

Angus, Angela’s husband, found the diamond jewelry when peeling off the seat cushion to reupholster it. After tearing off about 3-4 layers, he discovered the jewelry hidden under the last layer of wrapping.

When expert appraisers from the BBC Antiques Roadshow program arrived in Lanarkshire on July 28, the couple brought the chair and the jewelry to ask them to value it. Experts say this jewelry was crafted between 1890 and 1900.

“The experts were as surprised as we were. They said the diamond jewelry and the chair were worth about $6,600. It was a great find for us,” Angela said.

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