The public will finally be able to see in person the uniquely personalized Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Grand Prix in the Principality of Monaco. This car is currently in a display event held at the Top Marques Monaco.

The event is held under the patronage of Prince Albert II of Monaco and is considered by many to be the most exclusive car show in the world. Furthermore, the Bugatti brand is also one of the “key” names attending this event.

This event is actually a pretty good setting to launch this car to the public, and is also a suitable occasion to show everyone the personalization capabilities of the French Hypercar brand. In addition to bringing a special model to the newly opened Bugatti Monaco dealership, bringing this model here also involves the man who inspired the car.

This Chiron Pur Sport is inspired by the famous 20th century racing car that accompanied the legendary Louis Chiron. Among Louis Chiron’s countless victories at the wheel of a Bugatti is his legendary 1931 victory at the French Grand Prix with Achille Varzi in a sky blue Bugatti Type 51 with the number 32.

The number 32 on the Chiron Pur Sport is hand-painted to give a special meaning to the Hypercar from France. The brand has also created two new exterior paint colors that pay tribute to the legend of Grand Prix racing of the 20s and 30s. The Bugatti Sur Mesure team has also developed a new fading “EB” paint pattern and is on display. Manually position the vehicle body. The interior compartment is also covered in black leather with a red “EB” pattern meticulously embroidered on the door panels. These patterns are all meticulously designed and completed by the Bugatti Sur Mesure team.

Decorative logos such as the number 32 or the words Grand Prix are also decorated in the interior of the car. The special center console is inlaid with black aluminum, the Grand Prix lettering is hand-painted in silver. Interior motifs are also decorated on the door sills, headrests and interior lighting.

“For many years, we have worked with our customers to create their own personal vision of the ultimate Hypercar,” commented Hendrik Malinowski, executive director of Sales and Marketing at Bugatti. It has always been a bespoke process but as more and more of our customers demand detailed and complex customization features, the launch of the Bugatti Sur Mesure personalization program will ensure they I can satisfy customer wishes with the level of perfection required of a Bugatti.”


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