The limited production supercar will reappear to the public one year after its launch, this time wearing an extremely beautiful appearance created by the Bugatti Sur Mesure personalization program.

Attending the event “The Quail, A Motorsports Gathering” at this year’s Monterey Car Week 2023, Bugatti will bring two special car models to display. In addition to the previously announced Chiron Super Sport Golden Era, the French car company will also showcase the Mistral with a similar gold color scheme, as a way to demonstrate the personalization capabilities of the Bugatti program. Sur Mesure delivers.

The glossy yellow paint on this Mistral has a shade quite similar to the “Doré” paint color custom-made for the Chiron Super Sport Golden Era. However, unlike that unique supercar model, the Mistral possesses black patches created by carbon fiber in places such as the engine cover, dual air intakes behind the headrest and the lower part of the body. Although the pair of rearview mirrors are also covered with carbon fiber, they have a shiny gold finish.

Inside the car’s interior, Bugatti chose 2 types of leather upholstery with 2 different color tones but still shows the elegant harmony necessary for a super car model. Along with that, there are some locations using carbon fiber material and the EB logo is on the unique gold-plated steering wheel.

Bugatti Mistral was first introduced to the world public exactly one year ago at the Monterey Car Week 2022 event. At that time, Bugatti announced the selling price for this supercar model was 5 million euros (130 billion ). and only produced exactly 99 units, however all have been owned. It is expected that it will take until early 2024 for the company to begin the process of delivering cars to the first customers.

Such a unique and expensive masterpiece is perfectly suited to adding personalized components through the Bugatti Sur Mesure program and that is exactly what the French automaker wants to show off with this gold-painted Mistral. . It is unclear whether this is an internal test vehicle or one of the completed cars to be delivered to customers.

Mistral is actually a car model that shares many components with the Chiron line, only the exterior is stylized thanks to the combination of the lines of Divo and La Voiture Noire. Therefore, this open-top supercar will also be one of the last products equipped by Bugatti with a 8.0L W16 engine with 4 turbochargers producing up to 1,578 horsepower (1,177 kW / 1600 PS).

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