The child of Kritios who “slept” on the land of Despotikos for 2,500 years was brought to light

A magnificent statue implying that the child of Kritios “slept” for two and a half thousand years was brought to light thanks to archaeological excavations on the island of Despotikos this summer, as announced by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. Greek sports on Monday.

During excavations at Mantra, begun in 2001 by the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades under the direction of Greek archaeologist Giannos Kouragios and continuing this year, a headless male torso with a severe rhythm Strictly refers to the child of Kritios in terms of style and can be dated shortly after, bringing to light in 480 BC a work of outstanding quality in Parian marble with The crust is smooth and shiny. In addition, parts of ancient quorums were also found that were built as building materials.

As of 2020, a complex water collection and management system is being excavated in the foothills south of the reserve. Two large tanks were studied, the northernmost tank (Tank 1), has a rectangular plan, has internal dimensions of 5.50 x 7 m and is 4 m deep. In contrast to previous years, this year’s work focused on the southwest corner of the reservoir, which has post-Byzantine structures.

The impressively sized tank is constructed of large rectangular gneiss stones carefully placed with minimal gaps at the joints between them. All tank walls as well as the bottom of the tank are covered with a thick layer of white hydraulic mortar.

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