In a week filled with adversity and challenges, the Poseidon Crew encountered unexpected hurdles but also showcased their strength and resilience. They not only overcame technical issues related to the gold wash plant but also unearthed a gold treasure valued at $157,000 Australian dollars. Their journey is an adventure full of surprises and drama, where facing difficulties becomes the key to success.

  • The Poseidon Crew found gold worth $157,000 in one week.
  • They faced challenges with their wash plant, pushing it beyond its capacity, leading to breakdowns.
  • Despite the setbacks, they managed to uncover small nuggets in the pay dirt and collected concentrate from the wash plant spinner.
  • The crew’s goal is to reach 200 ounces, and they expressed optimism about the quality of the fine gold they discovered.
  • The plant was temporarily out of operation due to a burnt-out circuit, but it was quickly fixed, allowing them to resume processing over 300 tons of pay dirt and achieving a successful weigh-in of nearly 56 ounces, valued at $157,000.

With 56 ounces of gold, the Poseidon team not only surpassed the 200-ounce target but also demonstrated that perseverance and dedication can conquer all obstacles. Their moments in the gold mine are not just about glittering gold nuggets but also about the power of unity and determination. With gold prices soaring, their success is not just a personal triumph but also a significant victory in the race against time and nature. NEXT

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