New designs with striking stones and soft leather straps in many colors to suit women’s preferences and needs.

Women have many accessories to decorate their outfits, from handbags to jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, rings… Among them, watches are favored by many ladies, complimenting all styles. Vest mixed with a copper shirt gives the wearer a polite, thoughtful and trustworthy look. T-shirts and jeans combined with a stylish timepiece accentuate a youthful look…

Diamond D – a watch brand for women – hopes to accompany women on every journey with a new royal-style collection. With the message Beauty is Forever, the company aims for youthful, attractive designs with many colors of white, black, pink, red… The company also focuses on choosing good materials such as hard steel, soft leather straps and filled stones. Sparkles are attached to the watch face to add elegance.

Diamond D series DM38025IG

Model DM38025IG impresses with its classic Roman dial and gold strap and case. The product is equipped with sapphire glass, 30 m water resistance and a quartz movement that is accurate to every tick. Slender design combined with outstanding stone embellishments, enhancing the beauty of your hands.

Diamond D DM36505R series

The Diamond fashion house’s chronometer has a distinctive rose gold outer layer, giving the wearer a classic and stylish look. This color is suitable for all skin tones.

Diamond D DM61195IG-B series

Designed with a predominantly white dial and shiny PVD gold-plated shell, difficult to fade over time. Model DM61195IG-B has a leather strap and diamond-studded watch bezel, enhancing the wearer’s charisma.

Diamond D series DM64205IG-R

Most women’s sports watches often wear bold styles to show personality and resilience. However, Diamond D breaks the rule that sports watches must be big and heavy and focuses on soft designs.

Diamond D DM64205IG-R watch.

Continuously changing fashion helps women attract the opposite person. Among them, a stylish watch enhances her appearance and helps her feel more confident every day.

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