The famous car tuning company specializing in creating unique versions of Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera recently launched their first mid-engine supercar named Arese RH95. This car model possesses a uniquely different appearance with high aesthetic value, and is equipped with the twin-turbo V8 engine currently used on the Ferrari F8 Tributo line.

Touring has not yet revealed which car the Arese RH95 is based on, however the car is equipped with a V8 engine that produces up to 710 horsepower at 8000 rpm and 770 Nm of torque. This is the familiar twin-turbo V8 engine on modern Ferrari models. The Arese RH95 model is installed with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. With these equipment, the car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.0 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of up to 330 km/h.

Even though this is a mid-engine model newly manufactured by Touring, the car still possesses a design with classic details and elements from some previous Coachbuild versions produced by the brand. For example, the curves in the body of the car are inspired by the Disco Coupe or the details in the front of the car are combined with details on the Aero 3 model the brand once produced.

Louis de Fabribeckers, director of the Touring Design Center, said: “The Arese RH95 carries the stylistic features of the entire AERO line on many design details of the vehicle, designing exterior details that are boldly electric. photography gives a vehicle an artistic appearance and design in motion.”

The car is stylized with an air vent on the roof that helps absorb airflow to cool the powerful V8 engine. Touring Arese RH95 is equipped with scissor doors and the body is finished with carbon fiber material to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

The vehicle’s interior is designed with sporty, angular details and is conceptualized with a double cockpit concept, creating separate spaces for passengers and driver. On the original prototype, Touring used two different leather colors for the two panels of the car’s interior compartment so that a clear distinction between the two compartments could be seen. At first glance, we can see that the appearance is similar to the interior design of the Ferrari 488 with similar lines on the car’s dashboard. The car’s interior is finished in half Caramel and half cocoa brown. The seat surface is embroidered with exclusive motifs and is attached with a logo representing the version.

The first car to be finished by Touring Superleggera with a beautiful turquoise Verdo Pino exterior paint. In addition, the brand also adorns the exterior of the car with a silver stripe to create a highlight, and the border of the air intake on the roof of the car is painted in a striking yellow color. In addition, the Superleggera logo on the car body as well as the brake shackles are also painted gold. The car is equipped with a set of 10-spoke wheels with 5 criss-crossed double spokes creating depth as well as being suitable for a car created by a famous coachbuild company.

Touring revealed that the second car will be painted red with white accents inspired by Alfa GTAs from the 60s, the third will have the historic blue and orange colors of the Gulf Oil brand. Touring says it will build 18 models and building the cars will take about six months. Currently, the price for an Arese RH95 has not been announced, however the price for an F8 Tributo is $280,000 and certainly the price paid for a special car like the RH95 will be many times more expensive. . The name “Arese” originates from the place where the Touring brand is headquartered – Via per Arese region.

Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera Arese RH95 will make its UK debut at the 2021 Salon Prive event held starting September 1.

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