Ferrari 296 GTB is a Hybrid supercar model of the Ferrari brand that has won the hearts of many car enthusiasts as well as experts with its impressive design, equipped with a V6 engine combined with a Hybrid engine. However, the brand recently announced the project to develop the 296 GT3 racing car project based on the Ferrari 296 GTB model. This is the car model that the brand expects to win in the GT3 segment in the future when this model participates in competition.

Recently, the Italian supercar brand released a few sketches of the 296 GT3, thereby bringing a completely new breeze to the brand’s 296 GTB supercar model. In the future, the Ferrari 296 GT3 will be a very strong competitor when competing with many rival car manufacturers such as Aston Martin, McLaren and Porsche in the GT3 arena.

Even though it is based on the Ferrari 296 GTB, this racing car seems to have been completely redesigned and almost all the design lines on the original car have been completely revised. The details have been greatly modified to provide better aerodynamic efficiency to increase downforce when the car operates at high speed on the racetrack.

According to the original drawing, the body of the car has been expanded with large wheel cavity fenders, and the air vents on the front wheel cavity fenders have been expanded. At the same time, the car is also equipped with a large front splitter and spoilers on both sides of the bumper to reduce pressure accumulated underneath the car. On the body, the lower body is elongated compared to the somewhat neater body design of the original car.

The air vents on the body of the 296 GT3 version were also expanded, and the car was also equipped with a large rear spoiler to increase downforce as well as help the car become more stable when operating at high speeds. high speed. However, at the present time, Ferrari has not released images of the rear of the car, so the arrangement of details on the rear bumper of the car has not been revealed.

Even though the Ferrari brand has not announced much information about the engine equipment of the 296 GT3, the racing version of the 296 GTB will certainly not be equipped with a Hybrid engine block due to the standards set by the organizers. Originally, the Ferrari 296 GTB is equipped with a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine with the ability to produce a total capacity of 654 horsepower combined with 165 horsepower from the electric motor block for a total power of 654 horsepower. Output power reaches 818 horsepower. However, the racing version will definitely have a lower power output than the commercial version.

According to Ferrari, this racing car will be assembled in France by the Oreca brand. Ferrari said the design of the 296 GT3 was inspired by legendary racing cars of the past such as the 1963 250 LM, the car that scored the final victory at Le Mans in 1965. In the past, the brand has won a lot of success in races in the GT3 class. The 488 GT3 and the newer Evo version have won 107 titles, including 429 wins from 770 starts and this model has also become Maranello’s most successful racing car ever.

Originally, the Ferrari 296 GTB inherited many details of the SF90 with some modified details. The car’s front lights are expanded and placed horizontally combined with two small air vents next to the lights. At the rear, the team from Ferrari has completely refreshed the details with a seamless, soft design with the air vent placed in the middle of the rear bumper.

The car’s rear spoiler creates up to 360 kg of pressure when the car runs at a speed of 250 km/h. In addition, the car’s engine cover is laid flat, and the two rear pillars of the car are pulled up to the roof of the car, creating an artistic arch shape for the Italian “super horse”. The car’s engine cover is curved with clear glass to reveal the impressive 3.0-liter V6 engine compartment of the Ferrari 296 GTB.

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