The Ferrari brand recently introduced a racing car called F1-75 ready to compete in the upcoming F1 race. This is also the F1 racing car model that continues to be revealed after the launch of the Red Bull and McLaren F1 cars earlier this week.

F1-75 is the 68th F1 car that Ferrari has launched to participate in racing events and at the same time, this car model was born in a year that has a lot of meaning for the Ferrari brand. This is also a memorable milestone for one of the oldest racing teams in the world, having participated in many large and small races as well as competing in many different categories.

In 2022, the Ferrari brand celebrates its 75th anniversary. The Ferrari brand has also designed a commemorative logo with a stylized number 75 to remind of the brand’s glorious past. The Ferrari F1-75 racing car itself is also decorated with a commemorative logo with the Italian flag on the side of the car’s air intake. The Italian flag on the car’s body has long been a familiar feature on Ferrari’s Formula 1 cars.

The F1-75 racing car has a completely new look and is painted in a combination of Rosso Corsa red and Nero black. Rosso Corsa red is painted on the main body of the racing car and black is painted on the lower tires, underbody, front spoiler and rear spoiler of the car. In addition, these two colors are also used on the racers’ clothes. The 2022 racing car model has been completely redesigned, however the engine block continues to be reused from the previous season’s racing car generation.

Like the other teams, Ferrari also completely redesigned the race car to achieve the best performance. Refined details include new aerodynamic features to ensure the race car can operate more efficiently, while the brand has also increased the car’s tire size to 18 inches. One of the most prominent elements in the design is the lower nose and body of the vehicle, the brand also paid special attention to the packaging of the power unit (PU) and the vehicle’s auxiliary components to achieve the best possible aerodynamic performance.

Ferrari upgraded a number of PU power components at the end of the 2021 season, which helped it overtake McLaren for third place in the racing manufacturers’ championship. With this new line of racing cars, two drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are expected to be able to win more victories this season. Two drivers Antonio Giovinazzi and Mick Schumacher have been appointed as reserve drivers for this year’s race.

Mattia Binotto, CEO of the racing team said: “F1-75 is a demonstration of the talent of the Ferrari team and also an expression of the strong passion in each of us. This is the final result of unprecedented team collaboration. They accomplished the task with a new spirit and approach, pushing to the maximum innovation of every component, every detail, every solution. Our efforts to innovate have given us an incredible boost in our daily work on the road to producing and perfecting this racing car.”

​He also shared: “I am proud to have started designing the F1-75. We have very high expectations and we are ready to take on our opponents. I want the F1-75 to be a car that can make our fans proud of the Ferrari brand once again. Our goal is to re-establish the “Prancing Horse” legend and we can only do that by winning again. This goal requires having an extremely good car with the ability to run fast, impressive performance and excellent drivers.”

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