Lighter weight, more power and superstar looks… The XX is not an ordinary hybrid but also Ferrari’s road-legal supercar.

Ferrari’s XX program has brought us a series of extreme track supercars, such as the FXX-K Evo and 599XX, which go even further than the Italian manufacturer’s Special Series models.

Now, Ferrari has the new SF90 XX Stradale, the first road-legal XX to launch alongside the SF90 XX Spider. Based on the SF90 Stradale, the XX version of Ferrari’s hybrid supercar produces 1,016 horsepower through a combination of a V8 engine and three electric motors, more powerful than the V12 Lamborghini Revuelto despite also being equipped with three motors. -electric thread.

Ferrari’s SF90 XX Stradale has a fixed rear wing, which is part of a radical aerodynamic optimization that creates incredible downforce at high speeds, and even extreme aesthetics. Better quality than the regular SF90 Stradale. The SF90 XX Stradale promises to create new lap records in the coming months.

When will the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale launch?​
The launch date of the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale is set for the second quarter of next year in Europe, then will launch in the US. A total of 799 SF90 XX Stradale and 599 Spider cars will be produced, of which all SF90 XX Stradale cars have been sold out!

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale 2024 car price and competition​
The 2024 Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale has a strange price, but that doesn’t stop this car from quickly “selling out”. The listed price of the SF90 XX Stradale in Europe is 770,000 Euro, equivalent to about 840,000 USD.

A car of this caliber is hard to compare with anything else, and the SF90 XX Stradale’s hybrid rivals are almost non-existent.

With a price of about 780,000 USD, the BMW 3.0 CSL can be said to be a special car when the selling price is not similar to the general level in the US. This is a strange point and only BMW lovers will understand.

Besides, the upcoming Lamborghini Revuelto can be considered a true competitor, because it is also a mid-engine hybrid supercar with a total capacity of more than 1,000 horsepower – similar to the new SF90 XX.

New exterior and colors of Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale​
While the standard SF90 Stradale is very handsome, the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale has a more aggressive, aggressive exterior design, with visual changes that emphasize the true race car character. The air intakes and vents are not obscured as they are a key part of the XX’s enhanced aerodynamics.

Instead of the usual Stradale’s twin taillight concept, the XX has a wraparound light bar.

One of the major changes to the exterior was the installation of a fixed rear wing, which worked in conjunction with a closed Gurney. To balance downforce and traction set as required with LD (low downforce) and HD (high downforce) modes. The SF90 XX Stradale generates 694 pounds or 314 kg of rear downforce at 245 km/h (155 mp/h).

But the rear wing is just one aspect of the car, it is the most aerodynamically efficient of any previous road-going Ferrari and is rivaled only by the LaFerrari in this regard.

The SF90 XX also features a new underbody layout, redesigned side skirts to further reduce rear pressure, a larger front splitter and a wider front diffuser to further enhance downforce. .

Twin S-Duct increases front downforce by 20% compared to the SF90 Stradale. At the rear, the diffuser has also been tweaked.

As for the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale exterior paint color, customers can choose Solid, Metallic, Historical or Special color effects. Familiar tones such as Rosso Corsa, Rosso Scuderia and Giallo Modena contrast with more unusual shades such as Blu Corsa and Rosso Le Mans 2023 Opaco.

There are also many white, gray and black colors to choose from. Racing carbon stripes, designer wheels and a variety of brake caliper colors ensure no two Ferraris are alike.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale Dimensions​
While the wheelbase is similar to the regular SF90, the new Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale supercar has increased in size in a different way thanks to a more aerodynamic body.

At 4.85m (190.9 inches) long, the Fezza’s rear is 0.13 m (5 inches) longer than the regular SF90 and 2.014 m (79.3 inches) wider. At 1.22 m (48.2 inches) tall, the SF90 XX is slightly taller than its prototype.

Signature racing seats and the removal of the secondary air system have reduced the bike’s mass, with the SF90 XX Stradale having a maximum dry weight of 1,559 kg (3,439 pounds) – 9.98 kg (22 pounds) less than the Regular SF90.

Engine and performance of Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale​
The 3.99-liter twin-turbo V8 engine on the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale is a true masterpiece, powered by 3 electric motors for a total capacity of 1,016 horsepower, 30 horsepower more than the regular SF90 .

Specifically, the V8 engine produces 786 horsepower at 7,900 rpm and 804 Nm (593 lb-ft) of torque at 6,250 rpm. An additional 229 horsepower is provided through three electric motors.

Ferrari made a number of changes to the V8 for this combination, including a higher compression ratio, new pistons and unique combustion chamber machining.

A new heat pipe system is designed to create a more distinctive engine sound, which is said to transmit the engine sound into the passenger compartment. The resonators are placed closer to the V8 engine, which also adds to the intensity of the sound

Like the SF90 Stradale, the XX has an electric motor located between the V8 and the transmission, while the other two motors are located on the front axle. These motors power the front wheels, and when the V8 is turned off, the car can drive itself in eDrive mode. In “attack mode”, this is still a four-wheel drive car!

The same 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is used here as in the regular Stradale, but its shift logic has been changed to closely resemble the Daytona SP3. Under extreme operating conditions the difference is huge.

Lighter weight, more power is a sure formula for increased performance, with the 0-100km/h time now just 2.3 seconds, a reduction of two-tenths of the time achieved with the standard SF90 Stradale.

That advantage is true for the maximum speed of 200 km/h (124 mp/h) that the SF90 XX reaches in just 6.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the XX has a top speed of just under 320 km/h (199 mp/h), so you can do short sprints of up to 321 km/h (200 mp/h) in reverse conditions. wind.

It’s no coincidence that Ferrari displayed the car at the Fiorano circuit and the standard SF90 Stradale clocked an astonishing time of 1 minute 19 seconds, faster than the LaFerrari.

We’ll have to wait until late 2023 before Ferrari can confirm lap times for the SF90 XX Stradale, but we’re expecting great things in terms of the car’s greater grip and downforce. will deliver “noticeably faster lap times at Fiorano.”

Save fuel
The regular SF90 Stradale gets 51 MPGe combined, 18 miles (29 km) per gallon and 330 miles (531 km) of combined range, according to the EPA. Since the XX weighs about the same and has an 18-gallon (68.14 liter) fuel tank, it shouldn’t deviate too far from those numbers.

Ferrari claims the XX can travel about 15 miles (24 km) on electric power alone, but based on EPA ratings for the regular SF90, that number could be closer to 8 miles (12.86 km), especially When the new car uses a 7.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, there is no information about charging time yet.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale interior and merchandise​
The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale shares its basic cockpit design with its predecessor, but the interior has some unique features. The doors, carpets, and interior space are simplified, many details are made of carbon fiber. The screen behind the steering wheel is 16 inches in size.

Other interior materials are inspired by the world of racing, from the Alcantara that covers the top of the dashboard to the technical fabrics used underneath.

Three air vents in the central area create a subtle visual connection with the air vents on the wheel arches. The entire cabin can be customized to each customer’s preferences.

The seats inside the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale are racing items, with visible carbon fiber construction and bolstering; Adjustable backrest. Made of carbon construction which has reduced weight significantly.

The Daytona racing seat is available in a black main color that can be mixed with contrasting colors such as Giallo Modena (yellow), Flash Orange, Alcantara Rosso FX (red) and Alcantara Charcoal

The saddle and the area below the center console are streamlined. Compared to the regular SF90, the gear shifter is centrally located.

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale is not rated highly for its cargo space. Because of these new S-ducts, the 2.6 feet (0.79 m) capacity of the conventional SF90 cannot be replicated. The SF90 XX Stradale cannot fit in any suitcase, this is not a true GT model and it is difficult to imagine which owner would take a limited edition supercar on a long trip?

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