In the opening fortnight of his tenure as dredge master, Kevin embarked on a remarkable journey as the dredge master, navigating through unexpected challenges that tested both his resilience and leadership. Faced with an intricate puzzle of water levels obstructing efficient operations over the bedrock ridge, Kevin and his team brainstormed bold solutions. Little did they know that these endeavors would set the stage for an extraordinary turn of events, challenging the team’s mettle and determination.

Empowered by the guidance of Tony Beets, a seasoned figure in the mining community, will the Kevin family uncover a treasure trove of gold?

Dive into the riveting video below to embark on a thrilling journey through their quest for gold.

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  • Kevin achieves an impressive $310,000 cleanup in his first two weeks as the dredge master on Gold Rush.
  • Challenges arise with the water level in the pond preventing efficient dredging over the bedrock ridge.
  • The team faces difficulties stepping onto the higher bar and discusses the need to lower the water level.
  • Despite setbacks and concerns, the dredge successfully captures a significant amount of gold.
  • Tony arrives for the first cleanup of the season, and the team surpasses expectations, paying off the dredge and making a profit of $310,000 in just two weeks.


Despite a less-than-auspicious start, after enduring two weeks filled with hardship, Kevin not only showcased exceptional leadership but also achieved a stunning triumph. With over $310,000 in hand after a laborious cleanup, he not only gained the trust of his team but also underscored his significance in the intense world of gold prospecting. Beyond the surface-level struggles, Kevin’s story unfolds as a testament to perseverance and success in the demanding realm of gold mining. NEXT

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