In the latest thrilling episode of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel sets his sights on a record-breaking gold haul in the Yukon, bringing in the expertise of his Australian friend, Tyler Mahoney. The dynamic duo navigates challenges, including equipment malfunctions and rock blockages, to achieve an impressive outcome that exceeds expectations.

Parker Schnabel, the 27-year-old gold mining prodigy, is on a mission to mine unprecedented ground in the Yukon. In his pursuit of gold-rich pay dirt, he enlists the help of Tyler Mahoney, a friend from Australia, to join his new Alaskan operation.

As Tyler familiarizes herself with the unique Yukon mining style, she takes on the nerve-wracking challenge of operating a loader. Despite initial apprehensions, Tyler successfully completes the task, showcasing her adaptability and determination in the rugged Alaskan terrain.

Parker’s crew, split between stripping and running pay dirt, faces obstacles such as equipment malfunctions and rock blockages. However, their resilience prevails as they overcome these challenges, ensuring the uninterrupted flow of their gold mining operation.

The collaborative efforts of Parker, Tyler, and the crew result in an exceptional achievement – a staggering 200 yards of gold-rich pay dirt mined per hour. The season’s best haul amounts to over $800,000 worth of gold, marking a triumph for Parker Schnabel’s ambitious mining endeavor.

As the gold-laden pay dirt accumulates, Parker’s vision of an unparalleled Yukon gold mine becomes a reality, thanks to the valuable contributions of Tyler Mahoney and the dedicated crew. The episode stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of success in the challenging world of gold mining, where every obstacle is overcome in the quest for the ultimate treasure.


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