In a daring bid to mine an unprecedented 90 acres of land in a single season, Parker Schnabel’s team, spearheaded by Mitch Blashki, faced a critical setback that put their ambitious goal at risk. With only a limited timeframe remaining, the pressure intensified as they strived to reach their target, having already mined 60 acres and amassed nearly 5,000 ounces of gold.

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The challenge emerged when the Grizzly bars on the hopper feeder, crucial components protecting the wash plant from large rocks, began to malfunction. Recognizing the imminent threat to their operation, Mitch Blashki took decisive action, opting to shut down the entire operation and urgently call for repairs.


Undeterred by the unexpected obstacle, the team rallied together, investing six hours in a meticulous repair job to fix the malfunctioning Grizzly bars. With the issue resolved, they devised a strategic plan to prevent a recurrence, opting to slow down the feed rate and redirect a portion of the material to another wash plant named Lucifer.

Despite the temporary setback, Parker Schnabel’s team demonstrated resilience and determination. In the face of adversity, they not only successfully resumed mining operations but also achieved remarkable results. The team managed to extract a total of 620 ounces of gold, boasting a staggering value of $1 million.

The collective efforts of Parker Schnabel, Mitch Blashki, and the entire team showcased their ability to overcome challenges and adapt to unforeseen circumstances. The decision to diversify their approach by utilizing multiple wash plants proved to be a strategic move, mitigating the impact of the malfunctioning Grizzly bars.

In a season filled with trials and triumphs, Parker Schnabel’s team emerged victorious, contributing significantly to the overall gold collection for the season. The total gold amassed reached an impressive $59.91, underscoring the team’s resilience, expertise, and commitment to achieving remarkable milestones in the competitive world of gold mining.

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