In the rugged terrain of New Zealand’s gold-rich claim, Parker faces a critical challenge – determining the most efficient method for extracting fine gold from clay-rich soil. With the stakes high, Parker initiates a head-to-head battle between two wash plants, each showcasing distinct features. Jeff oversees a six-hour test on a six-foot red trommel that processes 160 yards of Pay Dirt per hour. The meticulous evaluation includes an automatic feeder, a game-changer that prevents the plant from flooding with sand, offering a promising outlook for enhanced efficiency.

  • Parker is testing two wash plants in New Zealand to determine the efficiency of capturing fine gold from clay-rich soil.
  • One plant has a six-foot red trommel processing 160 yards of Pay Dirt per hour, while the other has a six-foot yellow trommel running at 120 yards per hour with an 8-ton motorized jig.
  • Jeff’s red plant can process a higher volume of pay with super-efficient hydraulic riffles, making it easy to transport.
  • After a six-hour test, the plant with the jig found a gram more gold than the one without, potentially increasing profits by two hundred thousand dollars on Parker’s Alaskan ground.

As the last buckets of the six-hour test run through the plants, the team is on the brink of critical decisions. The yellow jig plant, with its unique setup of a six-foot trommel and an 8-ton motorized jig, proves its mettle by capturing a gram more gold than its counterpart. The efficiency gains, though promising, come with the trade-off of additional moving parts and setup complexities. In the quest for optimal gold recovery, Parker faces a dilemma between fine gold capture and operational simplicity. The clock ticks, and with each passing day, the pressure intensifies to secure a plant and formulate a plan for the upcoming challenges in Fairbanks. The journey unfolds, blending nostalgia with the excitement of striking gold and the pragmatism required to navigate the demanding world of mining. NEXT

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