As a very famous brand with the ambition to conquer speed limits, Hennessey Performance Engineering has caused a stir many times when launching hypercar models with tremendous power to compete with the “big guys” on the market. like Koenigsegg or Bugatti. Typically, the famous Venom GT in the past and its junior Venom F5 were produced with the hope of reaching the milestone of more than 500 km/h.

Most recently, Mr. John Hennessey, the founder of this brand, is said to be quietly developing the next ultimate hypercar, and he also revealed some more information about the production of electric car models in the future. future. Specifically, Hennessey is focusing on research and is expected to launch three completely new car models over the next 10 years. According to research, one of those three projects is called Project Deep Space and has a design different from all previous car models from Hennessey or even the whole world.

Most notably, the American car company also announced that the electric car line in its first project will cost up to 3 million USD. This is a car model that will continue the success of its elder brother Venom F5 but has an extremely unique configuration with six wheels and six electric motors. As usual, this project is still implemented by Hennessey in a way that few people dare to think of, first of all the aerodynamic and especially attractive design.

The brand also revealed that their electric car model will have four seats suitable for the physique of adults, carry four sets of golf clubs and four sets of luggage. All passengers will sit in a luxurious cabin, creating the feeling of a private jet rolling down the street. Besides, Hennessey still keeps the exact parameters secret, but the American car company believes that being equipped with six wheels will help Deep Space increase traction by 50% compared to four conventional wheels.

John Hennessey – Founder and CEO of the famous supercar manufacturer added: “Hennessey has spent more than 30 years building the fastest and most exciting cars in the world. We will write The next chapter of the story in the next 30 years with the launch of the first six-wheel drive pure electric hyper-GT in history. In addition, we also expect Deep Space to be equipped with up to six motors. The electric motor with six wheels will become the fastest four-seat car accelerating from 0-322 km/h in the world.”

The first challenge is to beat the acceleration from 0-300 km/h in 12.8 seconds of another “heavyweight” competitor – Koenigsegg Gemera. At this point, it is understandable if we are skeptical about Deep Space’s true capabilities, but this car model is still in the process of development and promises to create a big surprise for the car market. High-end electricity in the future.

In addition, Hennessey said their electric hyper-GT model will have an interior compartment arranged in a rather strange way. The steering wheel and driver’s seat will be placed in the center, similar to the legendary supercar model that costs up to millions of dollars, the McLaren F1. On the side are two passenger seats, while the remaining position will be for the most special passengers. The fourth seat has a design that allows the person sitting to lie down and stretch their legs, not inferior to the highest class airline seats.

The car is equipped with bird-wing doors to help passengers get in and out of the car easily. Along with that, most of the chassis and body systems are made of ultra-light carbon fiber material to reduce mass. With the above outstanding features, Deep Space’s sky-high selling price does not surprise too many people.

Hennessey will build this electric vehicle at its factory in Texas with support from Shell Pennzoil and Delta Cosworth, and technical specifications will also be announced soon. It is expected that this car company will only sell 105 units of this hyper-GT and the production line will begin in 2026.

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