After more than 2 years since the Pininfarina project was first announced and undergoing a number of adjustments to design details, the complete commercial version of the Pininfarina Battista has now officially shipped. The appearance of this car at the Monterey car week marked the first time this electric hypercar showed off its power on the street.

Pininfarina Battista was once known as one of the first electric Hyper GT models in the world. During the event week, Battista will have the opportunity to run on the roads of California. This short journey holds a lot of meaning for Automobili Pininfarina because this is a new milestone for Battista and the brand. At the same time, the official launch of the commercial version of Pininfarina also promises to open a new page for the long-standing design and coachbuild brand.

The launch of the special commercial Battista promises to give American customers the first opportunity to experience an impressive electric vehicle with an output performance level of 1,900 horsepower. This car features a striking Carbon Black Exposed Signature bodywork that has been expertly crafted at Automobili Pininfarina’s production facility in Cambiano, Italy and built according to the premium personalization programs that Pininfarina recently announced. .

The car appearing in this special event has a carefully polished bare carbon body and sophisticated Impulso alloy wheels. The car has an outstanding interior with distinct embroidery patterns. The car is equipped with optional Pilota premium seats covered in Iconica Blue Alcantara leather and dotted with traditional black leather. In addition, the car’s seats as well as dashboard details, door panels and floor mats are also decorated with triangular patterns and outstanding Iconica Blue stitching. The car’s interior is completed with the Interior Jewelery Pack with black aluminum decorative panels.

“Battista will deliver an all-round exciting experience on the road and track, from city streets to the open road,” said Paolo Dellachà, Director of Product and Engineering at Automobili Pininfarina. The Pininfarina’s acceleration on California’s highways signaled the beginning of a new chapter in the life of the Battista. This is an important turning point and a very special moment as we count down to delivering our first customer vehicles later this year.”

Monterey Car Week is also the place to officially launch the exclusive Battista Anniversario version for the US market. This special edition will be limited to only 5 units and all represent the pinnacle of Pininfarina design with aerodynamic improvements and adjusted details that bring uniqueness to our special Hypercar model. Italian brand. The presence of both models at Monterey Car Week gives interested guests the opportunity to test the 1,900 horsepower Battista both on the street and on the lawn of The Quail. At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the pure electric Hyper GT will be displayed alongside many impressive cars that have been designed by Pininfarina throughout the brand’s 91-year history.

Following Automobili Pininfarina’s “Pure Sound” philosophy, the car’s sound is emitted at a frequency of 54 Hz, an organic frequency that is a multiple of 432 Hz called ‘Verdi’s A’, famous by the composer Italian designer Giuseppe Verdi. This special sound signature is tailor-made for the most powerful Italian sports car ever produced. From this starting point, the frequency will increase in multiples of 54Hz with new sound layers added as the vehicle’s speed increases.

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