In November 2022, the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport supercar was auctioned by RM Sotheby’s for a record 5 million VND. But recently, a speedster from France was put up for sale at a famous supercar dealer in the UK.

Chiron Super Sport 300+ was successfully auctioned by RM Sotheby’s as the fastest Bugatti, this is also a commercial car model that exceeds a speed of 300 mph, equivalent to 482.8 km/h.

Although launched in September 2019, it was not until July 2022 that Bugatti delivered all 30 of these super products to customers. In particular, all Chiron Super Sport 300+ cars have Black Carbon and Jet Orange exterior colors that simulate Bugatti’s two record-setting models, Veyron 16.4 Super Sport World Record Edition and Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse World Record Edition.

As soon as it was auctioned at RM Sotheby’s, the Super Sport 300+ with chassis number 795018 had traveled 1,416 miles (equivalent to 2,279 km). Nearly 4 months since the date of transfer, the super product Chiron Super Sport 300+ has only moved nearly 3 miles (about 5km). At the same time, the odo number increases for transportation purposes.

If the famous supercar dealer in the UK – Tom Hartley Jnr did not post information about the sale of this car, surely no one would think that this is the super sports car that broke the auction record in November 2022 with level of 5 million USD.

At 6:00 p.m. on March 13, Tom Hartley Jnr announced the sale of the “car has been sold” on the website. It’s unclear what the price of this super product is, but with such an extremely low odo, there’s no reason for this super car to lose value!

Briefly review some information about the Chiron Super Sport 300+. This supercar has an exterior with improved aerodynamics such as air vents, front bumper, air vents and air vents in the front bumper. Based on the parameters, the body of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ is extended by 249 mm compared to the standard version, this detail reduces aerodynamic drag by up to 40%.

The ring surrounding the car’s logo is also different from its brothers, no longer the familiar red color

In addition to the wheels equipped on the car made from ultra-light Magnesium alloy, the rear diffuser will create pressure on the road surface, and the spoiler will also activate when the car reaches high speed.

One of the special and extremely expensive features on this super product is the sunroof. According to some information, the owner will have to spend 62,000 USD to own Bugatti Sky View.

The overall interior of the Super Sport 300+ is purely sporty and the main color tones are Beluga Black and Jet Orange. High-end details are made from carbon fiber, alloy, Alcantara leather…

In the center of the armrest, an expensive detail is the signature of racer Andy Wallace – the person who drove the Chiron Super Sport 300+ to break the speed record of 304.773 miles/h (490.484 km/h) in September. August 2019.

Powering the Chiron Super Sport 300+ is an 8L W16 engine block with 4 turbos producing 1,600 horsepower combined with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

Although there are many similarities between the record-breaking car and the commercial version from the exterior to the engine, the commercial version still omits some equipment and the maximum speed is also limited to 440 km/h.

When launched, to become the owner of the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ you need to spend 3.9 million USD. With limited production quantities and as a Bugatti tradition, the super products of the French supercar company always increase in price after each transaction.

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