Wristwatches are one of the most popular accessories among fashionistas. Each brand has its own unique characteristics that can be recognized just by looking at it. SevenFriday watch brand – although only a “rookie” in the watch field, this watch brand has created outstanding achievements that make others “wide-eyed in surprise”,

Introducing the history of the SevenFriday watch brand
Since its launch, the SevenFriday brand has immediately become a phenomenon, like a storm sweeping the watch market.

This Swiss watch brand was only founded in 2012, created by Daniel Niederer, a talented businessman and artisan. Not only that, he is also a “reckless” man with a bit of “crazy blood” in him, daring to give up a high-paying job at a large corporation to start a business at a young age – 40 years old. .


Daniel Niederer is not bound by traditional molds, but he aspires to create unique, different and groundbreaking machines, “a toy for the rich”. Since then, watch models with unique, one-of-a-kind square designs, bringing “bizarreness” and a bit of disruption and rebellion, are the “key” to creating the brand’s outstanding success. SevenFriday brand for the past decade.

The SevenFriday watch brand is highly appreciated by experts and believes that SevenFriday will certainly grow and develop even more in the future.

Meaning of the name “SevenFriday”
The name SevenFriday makes many customers and experts curious, why is there such a name?

Bearing a very special name, SevenFriday is roughly understood as 7 Fridays – There are 7 days in a week, but there are many countries in the world, even many companies in Vietnam, currently they only Work 5 days a week, and Friday is the last working day before starting 2 days off. So of course Friday will be the day when everyone feels the happiest (there is a very famous saying: “Thank God it’s Friday).

Daniel Niederer, the owner of the SevenFriday brand, came from this social phenomenon and came up with the idea of watches that please others: “Wanted to encourage everyone to be happy and full of life like a week. There are 7 Fridays for us to enjoy.

Another explanation has also been shared by Niederer: the phrase SevenFriday in Latin is Carpe diem, meaning “capturing all the time”. Is this also a good and meaningful way to name watches?

What is special about SevenFriday watches?

1. SevenFriday watches are the handshake of two continents.
As a unique and somewhat “rebellious” machine, Sevenfriday’s background is certainly not ordinary. It can be said that Sevenfriday is a “hybrid prince” between two continents: Asia and Europe, inheriting the essence of two different cultures.

Europe: The father of Sevenfriday watches was born in Switzerland, so of course, the headquarters of the Sevenfriday brand will be located in the “cradle of world watches”. The stages of creating design ideas and devising operating strategies will be realized by artisans in Switzerland.
Asia: However, the production of the mechanical apparatus will take place in Japan, and assembly in China to minimize labor costs.
Therefore, it can be understood as follows: Sevenfriday watches are headquartered in Switzerland – assembled in Japan – assembled in China.

2. Unique design style.
The most attractive point of SevenFriday watches is the design style. SevenFriday has created “craziness” in its design to create novelty for users. This is also the difference that helped SevenFriday make a name for itself worldwide (even though it was only born in 2012).

With a unique and strange square face design, needles, and interwoven, complex, overlapping display panels to create unique highlights and a unique color mixing style, Sevenfriday makes a strong impression even with just one swipe. via.

In addition, Sevenfriday also invested heavily in using high-quality anti-reflective coated glass, helping users easily read the time under strong light.

3. Unique time viewing mechanism.
Besides the impressive and unique design, the unique time-telling mechanism of the SevenFriday watch is also a factor in the success of this brand.

4. Excellent mechanical apparatus
The “heart” of Sevenfriday watches is the famous Miyota movement of Citizen Watch Group – a movement of the highest quality in Japan. With its durability and high precision quality, Sevenfriday watches are highly appreciated by enthusiasts.


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