As a car brand turning 75 years old, Ferrari has long achieved many achievements in both commercial vehicle development and racing. Besides the car models that brought unexpected success, the brand has also produced a number of car models that were not as successful as initially expected. The “fall from grace” of these car models can stem from many different reasons such as unattractive design, style that has not really adapted to market needs and a number of other issues.

On the other hand, for “Ferrari fans” in particular and car enthusiasts in general, the following models are still “prancing horses” full of appeal, impressive performance levels and long-standing Ferrari DNA. car brand from Maranello, Italy. Let’s look back at 6 “disgraced” car models of the Ferrari brand in the past:
​1. Ferrari 348 (1989 – 1995)

The Ferrari 348 is a car model that even Mr. Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, president of Ferrari from 1991 to 2014, once said was the worst car model to wear the Ferrari badge. Although the Ferrari 348 did not receive many negative reviews worldwide, in fact this car model did not sell well.

However, a review in Car and Driver magazine pointed out that “This car feels as if it has four-wheel steering with the rear wheels steering in the wrong direction.” Besides the lack of performance, the 348 is also equipped with a heavy but rather sophisticated manual transmission. The Ferrari 348 model has a set of single 5-spoke wheels and signature lights that can be opened and closed.

2. Ferrari Mondial (1980 – 1993)

The Ferrari Mondial is not Ferrari’s first mid-engine four-seat configuration. The 308 GT4 is a car model that faced a lot of criticism when it was launched in 1970, but the “descendant” Mondial still did not achieve the success that Ferrari expected. Even though this car model was produced for 13 years and about 6,000 units were sold, this model still has the biggest minus point in terms of performance. The car has an engine developed from the 3.0 liter V8 of the 308 GT4 and the acceleration time from 0 – 100 km/h takes up to 8 seconds, a surprising number for a Ferrari car.

3. Ferrari 312T5 (1980)

Ferrari 312T5 is one of the ugliest racing cars with the prancing horse logo. In 1980, the 312T5 was the main racing car used for one of Ferrari’s worst Formula 1 seasons to date. This race car failed to finish in 10 of the 15 races that year and was unable to score any points and take no wins. The highest achievement of this racing car is 5th place with driver Jody Scheckter, who won the F1 driver’s championship a year earlier. The car is rated higher than everyone and has not evolved at all throughout This is an upgraded model from the successful 312B3 racing car from 1974 and was completely replaced in 1981 and the car’s designer Mr. Mauro Forghieri has been demoted.

4. Ferrari 612 Scaglietti (2004-2011)

The 612 Scaglietti is a 2+2 model with many achievements and was also praised by Car And Driver magazine as a car suitable for slow, enjoyable driving. However, the car can go very fast due to its powerful V12 engine and it has the grip and quick handling expected of even a four-seater Ferrari. However, the car’s overall appearance is not eye-catching, even somewhat clunky and lacking in aesthetics. In return, the car can bring a good driving experience with impressive performance and high reliability.

5. Ferrari 330 P3 (1966)

Not only is it one of Ferrari’s impressive racing prototypes, but the 330 P3 is also one of the brand’s most beautiful racing cars, following the 330 P2 and preceding the legendary P4. However, the 330 P3 was not a reliable race car especially in terms of its powertrain. It was this model that failed and helped Ford win at Le Mans in 1966 and put Enzo Ferrari to shame.

“I remember being worried about the transmission in the P3 and I knew that the Ford had achieved its best performance in practice and would set off at high speed,” recalls Ferrari driver Jean Guichet. He added: “I finished fifth after four laps, but after the sixth hour, the car had one problem after another. We were the last Ferrari P3 left on the track, but we had to withdraw at the 17th hour.”

6. Ferrari 250 GT Coupe

The Ferrari 250 is an impressive road racing car and the most valuable cars in the world are of the 250 series. In a live interview with Car And Driver, test driver Valentino Balboni said that Ferruccio Lamborghini told Enzo Ferrari said: “You build your beautiful cars with my tractor parts.” Enzo Ferrari angrily insulted Lamborghini, saying: “You are a tractor driver, you are a farmer. You shouldn’t complain about driving my cars because they are the best cars in the world.”

Lamborghini responded by telling Ferrari that he would build a sports car himself and show Ferrari how a supercar should be built. To be fair, most Italian sports car manufacturers use the same clutch, but it was Enzo Ferrari’s arrogance that led to the formation of a major rival from the same homeland .


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