Tambour watch with integrated bracelet and automatic movement, designed by La Fabrique du Temps Louis Vuitton and specialist Le Cercle des Horlogers.

In early July, Louis Vuitton held a launch party for the new Tambour model at the Musée d’Orsay museum, Paris, France, chaired by Watch Director Jean Arnault. Many artists attended the event including Bradley Cooper, Alicia Vikander and Au Duong Na Na.
In his speech, Director Jean Arnault revealed that the Tambour, which first appeared in 2002, is one of the brand’s iconic machines. The manufacturer interprets the movement of time with a unique vision and a drum-like design.
In 2023, the line is reborn in many versions, including a special steel model with a silver gray or dark blue dial. “Based on the original Tambour, after 20 years, we want to create a turning point and elevate this work to reach unprecedented sophistication and sharpness,” said Director Jean Arnault.

Besides aesthetics, the manufacturer focuses on purpose, function, and modern design with a diameter of 40 mm and a shell thickness of 8.3 mm. The exterior and every surface in contact with the skin are fine-tuned to suit the owner.
Most of the surfaces adopt a smooth brushed effect, except for the beveled corners of the strap, and the drum-shaped crown with thin grooves to provide a special tactile experience when adjusting the watch. 12 Louis Vuitton letters are embossed and polished corresponding to each time zone symmetrically across the edge of the case.

The strap blends strength and softness, emphasizing the movement of the curved link, providing a comfortable fit on the wrist. The strap details also connect to the case seamlessly, creating a seamless, unified structure for the round watch. The manufacturer also placed a hidden locking pin in the strap, and the last link was engraved with the brand name.

Tambour also scores points in the art of space balance. The numbers are beveled and polished to create a visual effect, increasing the ability to read the time optimally. The height difference helps people easily read the time thanks to the reflection of light on each viewing point.

The words “Louis Vuitton” add elegance to the design. Below the seconds counter is the phrase ‘Fab En Suisse’ – short for Fabriqué en Suisse, changing from the word ‘Swiss Made’. This detail represents the company’s improvements in technique and watchmaking technology, marking marks the combination of French style and Swiss standards.
The new version is powered by cal. LFT023 – the first exclusive three-hand automatic movement designed by Louis Vuitton and specialist Le Cercle des Horlogers. The matte sandblasting effect on the support bridge combined with the transparent glass base creates a characteristic contrasting look.

LFT023 movement is COSC certified, error is only -4 to +6 seconds during the day. “The rebirth of this time symbol marks a new turning point in the Louis Vuitton watch segment,” said a company representative.

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