Lucid Gravity is a 3-row SUV, with a wind resistance coefficient of only 0.24, giving a range of up to 700 km on a single charge.

Lucid recently introduced an electric SUV model at an auto show in Los Angeles (USA), called Gravity. Not as aggressive as large SUVs, Gravity has a slim, smooth shape, with a curved roof that extends to the back. The car is equipped with 2 or 3 rows of seats depending on the version, with seating configurations of 5, 6 or 7 seats.

Lucid says the wind resistance coefficient (Cd) of Gravity is 0.24 (when using the optional air suspension system, traveling in highway mode), on par with current sedan models, and better than that of current sedans. Probably popular SUV models. The lower the wind resistance coefficient, the more the car “surfs the wind”, saving energy when moving.

In terms of design, the Gravity body is filled with curves and soft wavy lines, helping the car achieve a low wind resistance coefficient. Gravity’s lighting system is slim and neat. The ceiling of the car is a large transparent glass panel.

Two large screens are the focal point of the car’s interior, including a 34-inch curved OLED screen in front of the steering wheel, which doubles as a driving meter and infotainment screen, and a touchscreen that doubles as a dashboard. Control the car’s functions in the middle, can be folded to increase storage space.

Information about engine power and battery capacity has not been disclosed by the manufacturer. Lucid says all versions of the Gravity use a dual-motor all-wheel drive platform, developed from the brand’s Air model. For reference, the Air Dream Edition electric car has 1,111 horsepower, a range of 836 km, and accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds.

The high-performance variant of the Gravity has a range of more than 700 km, along with the ability to reach a speed of 100 km/h in less than 3.5 seconds. Gravity provides a range of 320 km in just 15 minutes of fast charging at a DC charging post. Production is expected to begin in late 2024.

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