Maserati has collaborated with David Beckham to create two unique new exterior colors for the MC20 supercar and the Grecale crossover. This is part of the new Fuoriserie Essentials collection.

Maserati’s personalization program is expanded with a new color scheme designed by David Beckham. This color set is in the company’s first Fuoriserie Essentials collection, considered a privilege for fashionistas associated with the brand.

The Fuoriserie Essentials collection is currently reserved for the MC20 supercar and the Grecale crossover. The blue “Night Interaction” and green “Verde Royale” colors are inspired by Maserati’s classic product portfolio.

Specifically, the 1967 Ghibli coupe model with a blue exterior color inspired the typical color tone of the MC20 supercar. Beckham has combined blue exterior with brown leather for the interior.

Meanwhile, the rare 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale with a limited production of 51 cars was the inspiration for the green color applied on the Grecale. New green paint was applied to the Grecale, combined with a brown leather interior.

The badge marks the combination of Maserati and David Beckham in the Fuoriserie personalization package on the MC20 supercar

The badge marks the combination of Maserati and David Beckham in the Fuoriserie personalization package on the Grecale supercar

Vehicles carrying the colors of this Fuoriserie Essentials collection will feature a metal plaque honoring the collaboration. For Grecale this badge is located in the armrest area, below the center console, while for MC20 it is located in the headrest area.

Maserati’s partnership with former footballer David Beckham comes at a time when the carmaker recognizes the importance customers place on bespoke cars.

Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini and others offer more styling options under the banner of personalization programs.

These programs often offer options like expanded color palettes, unique interior color customization, and special trim for those willing to pay top dollar to personalize their vehicle – here That’s the profit that automakers don’t want to miss.

Last year, Maserati unveiled its new “global store” concept in conjunction with its Fuoriserie program. Customers can personalize their vehicle at the retail store with a choice of exterior paint color, interior stitching, wheels, etc. The US is the market where Maserati launches this campaign in 2022.

The Fuoriserie DB Essentials collection is exclusive to the MC20 and Grecale. The larger Fuoriserie package will be applied to the vehicle lines that the company is developing.

Maserati is said to launch the Quattroporte EV next year and there are rumors of a next-generation Levante on the horizon. Both are eligible for an upgrade package under the Fuoriserie program.

Recently, Maserati has had some activities in “Milan Design Week” – Milan Design Week 2023. Maserati has built two unique GranTurismo coupes. One has a colored mirror-style exterior paint, while the other has 14 different paint colors.

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