McLaren needs to reduce weight and optimize a lighter battery while still providing a long enough travel range, which are issues that need to be resolved as top priorities.

In a recent interview, McLaren CEO Michael Leiters shed light on the automaker’s electrification strategy. At the same time, it was also said that a fully electric supercar is still a few years away from launch.

This is not the first time supercar lovers and McLaren fans have heard about this brand’s cautious approach to electric supercars. According to Leiters, the main challenge is developing technology that makes the battery lighter in weight while still ensuring enough range.

Sharing with media representatives in Dubai, Leiters emphasized the primary importance of weight in McLaren’s design philosophy.

The CEO asserted that the weight of a heavy car will reduce agility and agility, creating a sense of separation for the driver, which is contrary to McLaren’s identity.

“I don’t expect this technology to be ready for a true pure electric supercar before the end of the decade,” he summarizes.

Previously in a separate interview in August, Leiters said similar things, emphasizing the importance of limiting battery weight.

In addition, he also believes that what the supercar manufacturer’s engineers create must be superior to equivalent internal combustion engine models in terms of power, performance and performance.

This ambitious project, could lead to the launch of an electric supercar “possibly by the end of the decade”.

Leiters also hinted at the possibility of McLaren entering the SUV market and acknowledged the change in the auto industry.

However, the main focus remains on plug-in hybrid models, as internal combustion engines are gradually losing importance. But before considering an SUV, McLaren wants to get back “on the right road to profitability”, as Leiters shared at Goodwood earlier this year.

During McLaren’s global dealer meeting in April, several company managers discussed future products the brand is planning. The manufacturer told conference participants to “stay tuned” about a 4-seat, 4-door vehicle by 2028. Maybe this will be the SUV that McLaren is ready to launch.


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