It seemed that the “fever” called McLaren Senna had subsided a long time ago, making way for many other modern McLaren models, but recently, the British car brand suddenly launched the last Senna, and at the same time the official is a special edition paying tribute to the legendary Ayrton Senna. This car’s full name is McLaren Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto, designed to commemorate Ayrton Senna’s victory at the 1989 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix.

Previously, McLaren Beverly Hills announced four unique versions ordered and designed by the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) department. McLaren Beverly Hills has released the first three cars and the fourth and final car of this version is called Senna XP El Triunfo Absoluto (Absolute Victory). This Senna was originally a Press Car, and the car was sent back to the UK for a refresh in 2021. The car has been completely repainted to become a special. On the exterior, the car is painted Graphite Gray with Accent Red and Mexican Blue to honor the legendary victory.

The car is equipped with a range of special details including an MSO Bespoke Gloss Visual Carbon Fiber exterior, MSO Bespoke Electroform front logo and wheel hubs painted in Anniversary White. In addition, the car is decorated with Ayrton Senna’s signature, a hand-painted Mexican flag on the rear wing and a badge denoting the El Triunfo Absoluto version. Even the smallest details such as the gas cap are decorated with the Mexican flag.

Regarding the interior, the car is covered in MSO Bespoke Jet Black leather and seats with white and red contrast stitching, and the car’s headrests are embroidered with the Mexican flag. The car’s interior is also decorated with details with green carbon fiber materials, carbon fiber door sills with a meticulously drawn and extremely eye-catching painting of racer Ayrton Senna receiving the trophy. Highlights include a multi-colored steering wheel, polished accents and a laser-engraved accelerator pedal of the Mexican Grand Prix race layout. The car is equipped with an MSO Bespoke plaque engraved with “EL GRAN PREMIO DE MEXICO DE 1989.”

The car is still equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. This engine block can produce up to 789 horsepower and maximum torque of up to 800 Nm. With this power, Mclaren Senna is capable of accelerating from 0 – 100 km/h in 2.7 seconds and reaching a maximum speed of 340 km/h. The vehicle uses a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, transmitting power to the vehicle’s rear wheel axle.

McLaren Senna was first introduced at the end of 2017, the word “Senna” is taken from the name of legendary racing driver Ayrton Senna to pay tribute to the person who made many contributions and achieved many achievements with McLaren’s F1 racing team. McLaren. Unlike the McLaren P1, the Senna is a hypercar model aimed at racing use. Senna’s design was designed by engineers who focused on performance rather than aesthetics. McLaren Senna clearly demonstrates the outstanding technological advances of the British car company over the years. The car uses a 3rd generation monocoque chassis system, so the total weight of the Senna is only 1,198 kg, nearly 200 kg lighter than the P1.

The rear area of the car has the appearance of a large carbon fiber wing, fixed to the car body. This giant wing, when combined with a number of other aerodynamic details, can produce up to 800 kg of pressure at a speed of 255 km/h. The diffuser with many air vents is also made from carbon fiber to reduce the “weight” of the car. Slim LED tail lights, McLaren logo placed in the center along with a reversing camera and the car name “Senna” placed on the right rear of the car.

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