Moritz Grossmann welcomes Martin Tillman as its new brand ambassador and honors the Swiss cellist and composer with a special edition watch. The Tillman Stainless Steel Electric Cello impresses with its focus on mechanical aesthetics. In doing so, it also sheds light on the fascinating qualities of a classical instrument.

While the details of the movement can be seen in all their beauty through the openwork dial, the intricate decoration on the components can be admired through the exhibition case back. There, the outstanding cellist’s electric cello is displayed as a decorative motif, with the silhouette of the instrument engraved.

The body and the space between the straps create a smooth texture, created by vibrating, a rare artisanal technique cultivated in the workshops of independent watchmakers. The engraver creates an expressive matte surface by using a drill to engrave small, almost tremulous movements in the metal.

The impressive dial view is made possible by the exceptional construction of Moritz Grossmann’s 107.0 mirrored movement. The hand-winding motion is almost reversible, requiring many additional structures, such as changing the direction of rotation of the barrel and the entire movement. The wheel system runs in the right direction thanks to the mirror escapement and mirror oscillation system – which also includes the balance spring winding direction.

This design allows for an exceptionally large dial aperture, revealing the movement’s intricate details, such as the Grossmann balance, hand-engraved balance cock, and ratchet wheel with three-wire screw.

The luxurious look of the Moritz Grossmann Tillman Electric Cello, limited to just four pieces, is finished with a supple brown Kudu leather strap. Price is marked at $42,190.

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