Even though it is the top model of the Baby-Lambo Huracan line, the Tecnica in the eyes of tuning company Novitec is still not perfect enough. This tuning company has added to this high-performance supercar model a package to perfect the car’s appearance with small but impressive upgrades. However, in this package, the German tuning company does not intervene and upgrade the performance of the 5.2-liter V10 engine of the Italian supercar.

In the front bumper, Novitec has kept the front bumper design, but the company has replaced the front hood with a new, more unique one. This detail is supplemented with slots on the outer edges that direct air through the hood through integrated air ducts. This helps Huracan Tecnica become more stable when operating at high speeds.

Novitec has added new panels along both sides of the car body, thereby helping to lower the overall height of the car, and this detail is also integrated with air intakes to help cool the rear brakes. The tuning company also equipped the car with a custom suspension system to further reduce the overall height of the Italian supercar. The car is also upgraded with a set of sports springs that help lower the car’s height by about 35 mm. Lamborghini’s naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine remains the same and is capable of generating 630 horsepower. The car is still equipped with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission and rear-wheel drive system.

Novitec offers high-performance exhaust systems in stainless steel or Inconel, with Inconel also available with 999 gold plating for added insulation. The exhaust system integrates Lamborghini’s Tecnica hexagonal exhaust pipes. The car is equipped with custom wheels measuring 21 inches on the rear wheels and 20 inches on the front wheels. The rear tire is also wider than the production Tecnica, which improves the vehicle’s handling. This set of wheels was developed by the Vossen brand and car users can completely choose color options for the wheels.

Novitec does not provide many detailed information about the interior, but the tuner said that users can completely order according to their preferences and that this brand can accommodate many different leather and Alcantara color options that customers want. Customers can use it to further customize their vehicle.

Customers can use it to further customize their vehicle.

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