For a long time, every time people hear about the selling price of spare parts, accessories or parts replacement and maintenance services for Bugatti cars, they often think of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. If considering a basic annual maintenance activity such as changing oil, users have to pay up to more than 25,000 USD, not to mention many other costs to maintain the operation of French Hypercars.

However, if you accidentally damage the hardware, replacement and repair will be very complicated and will cost the owner a lot of money. Recently, an advertisement for the roof of a Bugatti Chiron appeared for sale. This will be a rare opportunity for those who have damaged the roof of their Chiron and do not want to order replacement parts from the factory. This is a unique accessory that users can buy and currently, the seller is asking for 55,000 USD

It is currently unclear which vehicle this part came from, but the seller said this is an OEM part in perfect condition. According to the image provided by the seller, the roof of this car is blue, the details on the roof panel are still intact, in perfect condition with an intact carbon structure.

The fact that this roof panel costs up to $55,000 is actually well-founded because the hood assembly is not just a simple panel covering the passenger compartment. In the Hypercar, the roof plays an integral role in the Chiron’s monocoque system and is a structural component of the entire vehicle. Even the smallest imperfections to the car’s carbon fiber structure can negatively affect the performance of the flagship Hypercar model.

Furthermore, the hood is also an important detail as it acts as a cover for the roof of the car, protecting the driver and passengers in the interior compartment. Therefore, this detail must be completed with the best materials as well as the ability to withstand force and the ability to cope with external factors must also be given top priority.

The origin of this part is still unclear, but according to speculation, it is possible that this hood assembly was removed from an original Chiron to replace the optional Sky View sunroof with two glass panels. placed on the roof of the car, providing a more open and airy space.

The Sky View sunroof option is also very expensive with a selling price of up to $62,000. Sky View equipment will essentially give the car two glass panels on the roof that are fixed to the roof of the car, thereby giving the driver and passengers an open and airy space. These glass panels are a newly developed multi-layer structural glass with thin glass and four intermediate layers, this option also increases the interior compartment space by 2.7 cm compared to cars without Sky View.

The basic price to own a Chiron is about $3,825,000. However, when a Chiron leaves the factory, it can be equipped with a series of expensive options, thereby raising the overall price of the car to hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the original selling price. As for the price list of this car, to own Blue Royal Carbon blue carbon exterior decoration and parts painted in Argent gray, users must pay $222,500. This price is close to the starting price of a Ferrari Roma.

The least expensive option on this car is the special EB Logo Wheel Caps with Nocturne color logo for $1,250. This option differs slightly from the regular wheel EB logo because the regular logo is painted black. Some other expensive options can be seen such as the black front air vent costing $7,500, and the numbered logo “16” painted directly on the grille costing the owner up to $6,200.

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