In the rugged terrain of Alaska, Parker Schnabel faces a critical juncture in his pursuit of gold riches. The success of his mining venture hinges on the efficient operation of not one, but two wash plants. As the machinery hums to life with the promise of prosperity, Parker turns to Foreman Mitch Blaschke, urging him to expedite the process. The looming challenge is underscored by Parker’s imminent departure for Fairbanks, leaving Mitch with a tight five-day window to ensure both wash plants are up and running. The urgency is palpable, with the Alaskan summer ticking away and the need to maximize ground processing becoming increasingly imperative.

Parker Schnabel aims to get both wash plants running efficiently on the Alaska claim.

Foreman Mitch Blaschke is tasked with the crucial job of preparing the wash plant pads and ensuring they are operational.

Parker leaves for Alaska, leaving Mitch with a tight deadline of five days to set up the sluice fur on the new wash plant pad.

The crew races against time to connect the 120-foot super stacker to feed pay dirt to the wash plant before Parker’s return.

Parker’s wash plants successfully process pay dirt, yielding an impressive gold haul of over $290,000, putting them on track for a potentially record-breaking season.


As the crew races against time to connect the crucial components, including the towering super stacker, the success of this ambitious endeavor hangs in the balance. Parker’s absence amplifies the pressure on Mitch and his team, underscoring the make-or-break nature of this critical move. The narrative unfolds with suspense as they grapple with technical intricacies, culminating in the pivotal moment of the super stacker lifting into action. Amidst the challenges and uncertainties, the season’s prospects seem promising, setting the stage for a potential record-breaking gold rush in the unforgiving Alaskan wilderness. NEXT

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