In the heart of a challenging gold mining expedition, Parker Schnabel and his team navigate treacherous terrain, facing unexpected obstacles along the way. As they maneuver their equipment through narrow paths, clipping a few trees and contending with the unknown, the anticipation builds. The mission? To test the viability of unexplored ground, with just two days to strike gold and cover the hefty cost of a six-thousand-dollar dry blower rental. The journey unfolds with a mix of uncertainty and determination, encapsulated by the words, “Do you feel the gold? We’re not there yet, but I can feel the   

  1. Parker and his team are testing the viability of a gold mining ground, needing to find enough gold to cover a $6,000 dry blower rental within two days.

  2. They successfully transport the equipment to the site, overcoming some challenges such as wide paths and clipped trees.

  3. Muzz provides a beginner’s guide on operating the half-million-dollar dry blower, emphasizing various steps and precautions to ensure proper functioning.

  4. The dry blower, designed for capturing fine gold without water, separates rocks from pay dirt using a trommel and utilizes fans to lift lighter dust away, leaving concentrated gold in the riffles.

  5. Operating in a dusty environment, visibility becomes a significant challenge, raising concerns about safety and the potential for accidents. Fred, a team member, narrowly avoids being run over in the midst of a dust cloud, prompting a decision to shut down temporarily and reevaluate the situation.


As the dust settles and the dry blower roars to life, the challenges of operating in this hostile environment become apparent. Visibility is reduced to almost nothing, creating a dangerous scenario where team members narrowly escape mishaps. Despite the close calls, Parker and his crew press on, determined to make the most of their limited time on this uncharted gold-rich territory. The risks are high, the stakes even higher, as they embark on the daunting task of finding gold amidst the dust clouds. In the unpredictable world of gold mining, every moment is a test, and success hinges on the team’s ability to adapt and persevere.NEXT


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