Unleash your inner tiger with our Chinese New Year watch collection. The Year of the Tiger will begin on February 1 and it is the perfect occasion for watchmakers to demonstrate their technical and artisanal expertise, while attracting valued Asian customers. their.

BLANCPAIN – Villeret Traditional Chinese Calendar: a very complicated caliber

The highly innovative Advanced Research Minute Repeater 5750 will be produced in a maximum of 15 pieces in 950 platinum.

The latest innovation of the manufacturer’s engineers concerns the chiming clock. Currently, this innovation benefits the Minute Repeater 5750 Advanced Research in a limited quantity of up to 15 platinum pieces (however 590 000 CHF…). This is a revolutionary device (purely mechanical) that produces a powerful sound exclusive to watchmaking. A type of miniature speaker.
Called “Fortissimo”, this module is connected to the sound system of the caliber (hammer and gong) by a suspended sound lever (in the shape of a tuning fork) on which a plate is fixed. Synthetic sapphire vibration has a thickness of 0.2.

The Patek Philippe Fortissimo model is a revolutionary mechanical speaker system.

When the hammer hits the gong, it creates vibrations on the sound lever that are transmitted to the sapphire plate, which begins to vibrate. This amplifies sound propagation dramatically.

Protected by four patents, the Patek Philippe Minute Repeater 5750 “Advanced Research” emits sound from great distances
I mean it when I say spectacular, as the watch’s chimes can be heard six times further than a classic minute repeater… that is up to 60 meters (editor’s note: of course is if the room is silent…)! The watch also displays excellent sound quality. Watchmaking engineers sought to develop both robustness and harmony, while expanding the possibilities of sound transmission. For example, the maximum ring duration (32 vibrations at 12:59) is usually 17/18 seconds, but on this watch it is 20/21 seconds.
Additionally, the hammer is made of platinum and not steel like on traditional minute repeaters. This precious metal allows for better strike quality, with a more refined but also louder sound.

The Patek Philippe Minute Repeater 5750 Advanced Research Fortissimo shows off the complexity of its inner workings on the back.

Another advantage of the Fortissimo module is that it is transparent. The attractive automatic caliber (with a small platinum rotor) is thus perfectly displayed on the back.
Let’s also not forget the open white gold dial with small seconds hand. Master craftsmen took inspiration from the rims of old cars to create this amazing piece.

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