For French watchmaker Pequignet, the Royale Saphir is the signature of the brand’s haute horlogerie capabilities. It first debuted in 2019 in a bright blue color scheme with a design that highlights the three dials of the legendary triple jumping calendar on the Caliber Royal. In its latest approach to Royal Saphir, the brand is delving into more versatile designs, experimenting with bright whites, glossy blacks, and all shades of gray in between. The result is a series of five watches that use a combination of dark and light to deliver an elegant yet modern aesthetic.

On the outside, all five watches are encased in a sleek 42mm round steel case. For a subdued yet elegant look, the Dawn White model is finished in satin, while the Eclipse White, Shade Gray and Black Parhelion colors are polished. For the Night Black option, Pequignet enhances the dark color palette with a technical PVD coating on the case. On the back, the caseback is made from sapphire and secured with 6 screws to show off the movement inside. Sitting 12.3mm tall on the wrist, the case is also water resistant to 50 meters.

The dial has a fully functional layout and uses subtle contrast and transparency to create a layout that is both vibrant and easy to read. The day and date apertures are located just below the 12 o’clock position, although the rotating discs to indicate each value are visible under the semi-transparent dials to the left and right of the window. Similarly, the moon phase aperture at 6 o’clock uses its left side to display the phase, while the other half is covered by a semi-transparent dial. Each model year uses different shades of white, gray and black to create contrast and distinction, specifically between the sub-dial color and the main dial color.

Powering the Royal Saphir is the production caliber Royal. Visible through the exhibition bottom cover are sunburst finished oscillating weights and oscillating weights as well as a large scale with compensating screws. The movement offers an 88-hour power reserve, and reserve status is indicated via an 8- to 9-hour aperture on the dial.

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