At Dunkin Creek, a new shift begins with Rick and his crew. However, they encounter a significant problem at the wash plant, complicating their plans. While trying to manage the situation, Mark Dove Spike, operating the wash plant, uncovers a serious issue related to gold processing.

Wash Plant Crisis:

Rick and his crew face a major issue at Dunkin Creek as rocks threaten to destroy the wash plant.

Holes in the screen and a big hole in the punch plate amplify the urgency of the situation.

Quick Fix Challenges:

With no time for a new plate fabrication, the team opts for a quick patch-up to limp the plant to the end of the season.

Ben Belly takes on the responsibility of fixing the plant, acknowledging the temporary nature of the solution.

Seasonal Pressure:

The timing of the plant issue adds to the stress as the crew is at the end of the season, handling quick fixes and patch-ups to keep operations running.

Bold Decision and Gamble:

Rick, driven by the need to reach the 1,000-ounce season goal, decides to explore the lazy bend in the river for potentially richer gold deposits.

The decision to move away from the reliable creek cut is a bold gamble, showcasing Rick’s determination to secure a successful season.

Gamble Pays Off:

Rick’s gamble on the lazy bend proves successful as they hit pay gravels and discover a significant gold nugget, exceeding their average yield.

The move to the lazy bend not only saves the season but also puts them on track to reach their ambitious 1,000-ounce goal.

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Despite the substantial challenge at the wash plant, Rick’s team has made extraordinary efforts to overcome adversity. Finding an immediate solution to patch a large hole in the perforated plate is just one part of a series of setbacks. Facing the imminent end of the gold mining season and the lingering concern of achieving the 1,000-ounce target, Rick’s decision to move to the lazy bend of the river may be seen as a risky move but ultimately proves successful. The discovery of colossal gold nuggets, with their unique value, not only marks the culmination of a mining season but also stands as a testament to Rick Nass’s unwavering courage and determination. NEXT

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