Lamborghini Aventador is a car model that Liberty Walk “favors” when in the past few years, the car tuning brand from Japan has launched 3 different wide-body versions for this car model along with a series of spare parts. upgraded as well as a slightly upgraded bodykit. At the beginning of this year, Liberty Walk released the final bodykit package and at the same time the most unique and elaborate upgrade package for the Aventador on the occasion of Mr. Wataru Kato’s birthday.

Up to now, some of the first Lamborghini Aventadors equipped with the Silhouette Works Aventador GT EVO tuning package have been shipped and participated in a number of large and small car events around the world. Cars with new body kits give car enthusiasts as well as car enthusiasts interested in tuning packages a realistic perspective instead of some design images provided by the brand. Instead of the angular design following the DNA of an Italian super cow, Liberty Walk has given the Aventador a new look in accordance with the style the brand pursues right after its wide-body bodykits studded with rivets.

Before Lamborghini Aventador, Liberty Walk has developed a number of car models with Silhouette bodykits such as Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GT-R and even Lamborghini Huracan. This special bodykit for the Aventador will be extremely difficult to buy as the brand will only produce exactly 20 sets and sell them worldwide. Liberty Walk currently offers up to four prices for car enthusiasts to choose from for the bodykit. The difference in price will depend on the materials for each accessory. For a bodykit package made entirely of carbon, customers will have to spend up to 187,000 USD (Approximately 4.5 billion VND) and the cheapest package is with all details made from reinforced plastic materials. The yarn is sold for 94,600 USD (Approximately 2.3 billion VND). In addition, customers can also choose two bodykit package options with combined carbon and fiber-reinforced plastic parts at prices of $109,450 and $123,200 depending on the part.

The bodykit from Liberty Walk gives the Aventador a completely new look with most exterior details completely revised. In essence, this package is still a wide body package but has been designed with more angular extensions than the traditional riveted bodykit. The entire front bumper has been redesigned with a large air cavity and extended to both sides of the front wheel cover. The front air vent has been lengthened and small spoilers have been equipped to increase the car’s fierce appearance. The supercar’s hood has been upgraded with two air vents and an angular design.

On the body, the car’s front fenders have been expanded and create a seamless line with the new door panels. This door panel is equipped with an additional shaped air cavity to increase the seamlessness of the car body design. The rear wheel cavity fender has been completely replaced with a flat designed wheel extension extending to the rear of the vehicle. Even the rear bumper of the car has been completely revised with a design inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ combined with a newly designed and extended lower diffuser to increase aesthetics as well as increase performance. performance for the leading supercar.

One of the most special details of the “billion dollar” package is the large rear spoiler that extends from the fender extending the two rear wheels, hugging the entire rear of the car with a massive design. The rear lid of the Aventador is also equipped with new details with the same air vent design as the Aventador SVJ, but Liberty Walk has also installed a vertical spoiler. Customers can also choose to add some upgrades to the vehicle such as a new exhaust system from Liberty Walk, a roof made of carbon material as well as a fork system that helps lower the overall height of the vehicle.

With a “huge” price, this bodykit is only for owners who are willing to play and have a great passion for the Liberty Walk brand. However, with an extremely limited production quantity of only 20 sets, owning a Silhouette bodykit for the Aventador is not easy when the Liberty Walk brand is currently one of the most famous car tuning companies in the world. gender.

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