The supercar company from the land of fog – McLaren recently handed over one of its most unique 765LTs to its owner.

This McLaren “Longtail” was personalized through MSO, wearing a unique Cerberus Pearl paint color. Currently, this is the only 765LT finished with this paint color. Cerberus Pearl was first used on the McLaren P1 before being brought to the Senna with a total of 3 cars using it with three different combinations. This is a special paint color that can change color depending on the viewing angle, similar to MSO Pacific Color Stream or MSO Amazon Color Stream. Cerberus Pearl offers more difficult inter-seasonal gradients such as blue, purple, yellow and orange, an extremely special and expensive combination.

Combined with this paint color, exterior details such as the front splitter, rear bumper, underbody diffuser and side skirts are all made of ultra-light carbon fiber material. Mirror covers, air vents, and light sockets are also made of the same material. The wheels use an ultra-light type with a 10-spoke design and are painted glossy black. This 765LT is equipped with an additional set of air intake ducts placed on the roof manufactured by MSO.

Personalization continues inside the cockpit with black leather and Alcantara materials. The highlight of the interior appears on the dashboard, door panels as well as perforated details on the seats finished in orange. The car uses a fixed seat made of carbon fiber, equipped with a titanium anti-roll frame and 6-point seat belt.

Talking about the car, Mr. Brett Soso, Managing Director of the company’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region, shared: “We are honored to complete the delivery of this special personalized McLaren 765LT to one of our discerning customers. This exceptional product showcases the skill and craftsmanship undertaken by the MSO (McLaren Special Operations) department, which will continue to inspire customers well into the future. More than 25% of the McLaren 765LT sold in the EMEA region are highly personalized and we are preparing to deliver the last units later this summer.”

Like the McLaren 720S and many other supercars, the 765LT is still equipped with a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with a maximum capacity of 755 horsepower and maximum torque of 799 Nm. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels through an optimized 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, thanks to which this supercar can reach 100 km/h from a standing position in 2.7 seconds, 200 km/h in 7 .2 seconds and maximum speed reaches 330 km/h. McLaren first introduced “limit downshift” technology to help the gear shifting process become smoother than before. With these changes, the car has the ability to shift gears 15% more impressively than the 720S.

In addition to power upgrades, weight reduction also contributes to increasing the performance of this model. McLaren says this car has lost 79 kg compared to the 720S and weighs only 1,229 kg, which is 50 kg lighter than its lightest competitor in this segment (Ferrari 488 Pista). This weight reduction is done by reducing the thickness of the front and side glass while the rear glass of the car uses polycarbonate material, the titanium exhaust system will also reduce the car’s weight by 40% compared to with steel exhaust set. Outside, newly designed details help the car improve aerodynamics by 25%.

McLaren said it will produce a total of 765 765LT units with the car’s starting price at $358,000 in the US.

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