Exquisite rings, necklaces and bracelets were buried by ancient people about 100 years before the Mongol invasion in the early 13th century.

Jewelry unearthed near the city of Old Ryazan. Photo: Maxim Pankin

Scientists unearthed a series of medieval silver items buried near the ancient city of Old Ryazan, the capital of a Rus kingdom besieged and sacked by the Mongols in 1237, Live Science reported on September 1.

The treasure was discovered near a ravine a few hundred meters from two small medieval settlements. Experts also found the remains of a cylindrical barrel possibly made from birch bark, which was used to store the silver, according to the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).

The silver items weighed 2.1 kg, including 14 bracelets, 7 rings and 8 necklaces. The jewelry is exquisitely crafted. Their diversity led the research team to believe that this was a storehouse of accumulated wealth, not a set of jewelry for a specific outfit.

Hiding treasure so that the invading Mongols could not find it seemed to be quite common during sieges. Experts have discovered more than 10 treasures in this area, including the famous Old Ryazan Treasure. This is a collection of royal jewelry accidentally discovered in the 19th century, currently displayed in a church.

However, the newly discovered silverware appears to have been hidden during the period from the late 11th to early 12th century, about 100 years before the Mongol invasion. Archaeologists at RAS concluded this based on analysis of jewelry designs and ceramics found nearby.

This treasure is older than the Old Ryazan Treasure and includes jewelry made with simpler techniques, in a more ancient style. The treasure also contained several six-sided “grivna” ingots, a relatively small silver ingot that could be used as jewelry, weights or money. The bracelets are very elaborately made, the most complicated one has three braided silver wires, decorated with cross motifs and embossed palm leaves at both ends.

The team of experts said that further research into each item, its manufacturing techniques and metal composition will yield more information about the history of Old Ryazan, and may even reveal its historical context. when ancient people buried treasure.

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