In the vast expanse of land, 200 kilometers southwest of Brisbane, the nomadic gold prospecting team, Andrew Lay and Jackie Possetti, are embarking on challenging adventures on private grounds, carrying the hope of uncovering the treasure trove of gold. This area sits in proximity to the historic Canal Creek Goldfields, renowned since the 1860s for its alluvial gold deposits accumulated by ancient waterways. This article delves into their exploration and quest, where the pressure to find gold extends beyond financial considerations to the very essence of survival.

  • Gold prospectors Andrew Lay and Jackie Possetti have exclusive permission to hunt for gold on a private farm located 200 kilometers southwest of Brisbane, Queensland.
  • The private property is adjacent to the historic Canal Creek Goldfields, known for its significant alluvial gold deposits since the 1860s, producing over 20,000 ounces of gold in its prime.
  • Facing financial challenges, Andrew and Jackie, a nomadic prospecting team, rely on gold prospecting to make a living, with Andrew expressing the pressure to find gold to survive.
  • In a recent detecting trip, the duo discovered their largest haul of nuggets for the season, with a significant find close to an ounce, doubling their tally in one fruitful week.
  • Despite challenges like ticks infestation, tough conditions, and the exhausting nature of their work, the prospectors remain optimistic and see the potential for financial gain in their gold prospecting endeavors.


The lives of Andrew and Jackie intertwine passion for exploration with the yearning to unearth gold to sustain their livelihoods. Despite facing challenges such as insect infestations, harsh conditions, and exhaustion, they persistently seek opportunities and optimism in every layer of golden soil they tread upon. Their adventure is not merely a gold hunt but a journey to discover resilience and perseverance amid life’s fluctuations and the unforgiving whims of weather.

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