Bugatti Chiron has always been known as the world’s most “expensive” car model, but almost no Chiron is sold at a price equal to the starting price. As for the more ordinary Chirons, car buyers still decide to choose the options they like for their car, even those who want their car to be more special may be willing to “pass the buck”. ” barriers to the usual color palette to be able to order a truly unique Chiron.

Personalizing and referencing the options of the Bugatti Chiron model is not as simple as personalizing a Lamborghini or Ferrari when having an online website, that’s why the price of the car and the price of the options are almost the same. is a mystery that only VIP customers can know. Recently, a price list of options for an Argent gray Bugatti combined with carbon blue was revealed. Through this options table, we can partly know the price that the French Hypercar brand offers so that users can own the options on the top Hypercar.

The basic price to own a Chiron is about $3,825,000. However, when a Chiron leaves the factory, it can be equipped with a series of expensive options, thereby raising the overall price of the car to hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to the original selling price. As for the price list of this car, to own Blue Royal Carbon blue carbon exterior decoration and parts painted in Argent gray, users must pay $222,500. This price is close to the starting price of a Ferrari Roma.

Besides the most expensive car body option finished with bare carbon fiber, the Sky View sunroof option is also very expensive with a selling price of up to $62,000. Sky View equipment will essentially give the car two glass panels on the roof that are fixed to the roof of the car, thereby giving the driver and passengers an open and airy space. These glass panels are a newly developed multi-layer structural glass with thin glass and four intermediate layers, this option also increases the interior compartment space by 2.7 cm compared to cars without Sky View.

The least expensive option on this car is the special EB Logo Wheel Caps with Nocturne color logo for $1,250. This option differs slightly from the regular wheel EB logo because the regular logo is painted black. Some other expensive options can be seen such as the black front air vent costing $7,500, and the numbered logo “16” painted directly on the grille costing the owner up to $6,200.

Most of the increased price on the personalization table of this Bugatti Chiron largely depends on the painting of details on the car. The “Super Sport” logo on the rear spoiler in Le Patron color costs $15,000, and the exhaust tip painted black costs $15,000. Decorative details in the interior compartment also require up to 56,000 USD to be decorated by Bugatti on the car. Each added item causes the overall price of the car to increase “dizzily”.

Since its debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in 2016, Bugatti Chiron has soon affirmed the success of this leading Hypercar line globally. Within just 18 months of its announcement, 300 of the limited 500 Chirons were sold. Sales for this vehicle line continue to increase strongly despite global difficulties and challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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