The world’s largest event just for Ferrari does not take place in Italy but in Florida and this is the difference of the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic Concorso d’Eleganza event. Within the framework of this year’s exhibition, the event witnessed the appearance of many Ferrari models from all eras in the brand’s long history.

This series of events was held on January 26-29 in Palm Beach, welcoming a large number of car enthusiasts to participate and share their passion. The Italian brand, through this occasion, also paid tribute to the 24 Hours of Le Mans event when this legendary tournament officially turned 100 years old this year.

Among the many Ferraris appearing on the lawn for the Concours on Saturday, January 28 are cars that have raced at Le Mans over the years. Ferrari’s first appearance in endurance racing was in 1949; This marked the beginning of a legacy that would lead to dozens of class wins and nine overall wins. Therefore, this year’s Cavallino Classic Concorso d’Eleganza at The Breakers Hotel is a rare opportunity for car enthusiasts to admire these special racing cars together in one location, from here showing off their beauty. beautiful in front of the judges as well as the audience in the exclusive Le Mans category.

Cavallino and Canossa Chairman and CEO Luigi Orlandini said: “Ferrari has been a mainstay in Le Mans for decades and it is necessary to celebrate this incredible milestone with a line of great Ferraris that have making history at the world’s most famous race. In 2022, we celebrated Ferrari’s 75th anniversary with a special line of cars representing each year of the marque’s history, now We want to pay tribute to the 24 Hours of Le Mans.”

Upon completion of the Concours, attendees experienced an authentic Italian dinner and participated in a charity auction following the awards ceremony. The Concorso d’Eleganza is certainly everyone’s favorite, but the four-day event kicked off on Thursday with a track day at The Concours Club. Friday is reserved for car owners traveling along Florida’s coastal highways in the Tour d’Eleganza. Sunday was a relaxing day at Mar-a-Lago with more beautiful cars, this time giving other makes and models new showroom space.

As one of the world’s largest winter auto events, the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic Concorso d’Eleganza is always an exciting experience with beautiful cars, delicious food, and amazing scenery.

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