The ancient lovers in Kazakhstan died when they were quite young and came from a wealthy aristocratic family, and were buried with many golden treasures.

Position of the couple facing each other. Photo: Sun.

A couple who lived 4,000 years ago were buried facing each other in a grave in the middle of Kyzyltau cemetery. This ancient tomb complex includes five hills in the remote Karaganda province of Kazakhstan. The couple are believed to have been 16 – 17 years old when they died and were likely from a noble family. Archaeologists are planning to conduct research to find out the death of the tomb owner.

In addition to the remains of the couple, the research team also found many gold and bronze treasures. The young woman wears two bracelets on each arm along with a Sun-shaped pendant. The girl also wore gold jewelry shaped like earrings, according to archaeologist Igor Kukushkin.

Not far away is a tomb suspected to belong to a female priest from the ancient Alakul civilization. “This woman was buried with 7 jars and a skull. Her grave showed no signs of theft even though many neighboring graves were violated. Perhaps something in the grave scared the thieves away far”, Kukushkin shared.

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