Prestige Marine has announced that the first Lamborghini 63 Superyacht built by Tecnomar has now arrived at the port of Miami. To pay tribute to the supercar brand Lamborghini, the brand has been producing a total of 63 yachts and this is one of them.

Built at the Italian Sea Group’s state-of-the-art production facility near Sant’Agatha Bolognese, this yacht was specially designed for her new owner. The customer, who is a fan of the automaker, consulted with friends and family throughout the collaborative process of creating this wild yacht.

This yacht was created in a limited number of 63 units. The number 63 is also the length of 63 feet (20.42 meters) of this yacht, the width of the yacht is 5.4 meters. The weight of Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63 is 24,000 kg. The idea to create this yacht is a blend of luxury and the level of performance often seen on Lamborghinis.

Inside the interior of the yacht, many details, materials and even measuring devices and dashboards are recreated similar to the configuration on Lamborghinis. The detail most similar to Lamborghinis is the Aventador’s steering wheel and the typical start button with cover. The seating system is also covered with high-quality leather and designed like the Huracan seats. In addition, some details such as the stern of the ship are also recreated with a shape similar to the rear of a Lamborghini with large diffusers. Customers can even build the configuration and equipment of this yacht through the brand’s familiar Ad Personam personalization department.

The yacht’s hull has slides that deflect water currents to create lift that lifts the hull of the yacht out of the water. As the yacht moves it will also help create lift by guiding the water flow to separate at high speed and allowing air under the hull to add lift and reduce hydrodynamic drag. This yacht is designed with an open cockpit space, providing an airy atmosphere for the owner to enjoy and rest. Below the cabin, the yacht is also designed with a modern, angular bedroom space that bears the influence of Italian supercars. Spaces such as the bathroom are also collaborated by the two brands and designed in a minimalist and smart way, creating a feeling of comfort in a compact space.

“We are proud to see the essence of Lamborghini DNA on a yacht that will sail with the same attitude as our super sports cars on the road,” said Stefano Rutigliano, Chief Strategy Officer of Automobili Lamborghini. city. This yacht is proof that the shared values and perfect synergy of the two brands are the key to delivering excellent projects.”

The first yacht delivered to the customer is painted in matte blue with some rough gold details like the familiar color scheme on the Lamborghini Sian. The stern is finished with surf wings with an Italian flag color scheme similar to the diffuser on Lamborghinis. The front lights of Tecnomar for Lamborghini are designed similar to the lights of Lamborghini Sian. In the interior, the car’s seats are covered with high-quality black leather and the seat frame is made of carbon material, combined with some yellow embellished details such as the brand’s familiar Y-shaped motif or the 63 logo. denotes version.

The yacht is powered by two 24-liter MAN V12 engines, generating a total of 3,945 horsepower and is the fastest yacht ever produced by Tecnomar. This yacht is equipped with a fuel tank with a capacity of up to 3,600 liters. With this power, the yacht has a maximum speed of up to 60 knots/hour and a normal speed of 40 knots/hour. With a fuel tank capacity of 3,600 liters, this yacht can operate with a range of 210 nautical miles according to announcements from the two brands. The two brands only produce a limited number of about 63 units, each costing more than $3.5 million.

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