In the heart of an old mining region, a dedicated team, led by Melanie Wood and Alex Steve, along with the skilled Sima, has embarked on a thrilling excavation journey. Their goal? To uncover the secrets hidden beneath the earth, particularly a gold-rich quartz reef that has yielded over $8 million worth of gold in the past.


Equipped with an arsenal of machinery capable of moving massive amounts of earth, the team dives deep into the excavation ground between old mineshafts. The anticipation is palpable as they hope to strike gold once again, validating the potential of their mining leases.

As they progress through the challenging terrain, the team encounters promising signals and the undeniable excitement of being on the brink of a significant discovery. The ground is hot, signaling the possibility of valuable minerals still waiting to be unearthed.

Then comes a breakthrough – a quartz rock, seemingly ordinary, is cracked open to reveal a dazzling display of gold. The team is ecstatic, realizing the potential life-changing value of their find. The rock, once a single entity, is now two, held together by the sheer weight of the gold it contains.

The discovery ignites a sense of urgency and determination within the team. They understand that this find could be the key to a prosperous season. The clock is ticking, and with each passing moment, the pressure to strike gold intensifies.

As the team continues their excavation, they uncover blue quartz, a valuable indicator of potential gold-rich ground. The narrow vein they hit sparks hope, and the decision to crush and sample the material becomes crucial in determining the viability of the site.

Partner Paul Mackie joins the scene after a five-hour drive, bringing a fresh perspective and a keen eye for valuable specimens. The excitement builds as gold is revealed in the pan, suggesting a significant quantity waiting to be extracted.

The team faces a strategic decision – invest in crushing equipment to recover the gold, a move that comes with a substantial cost, or continue exploring for more lucrative pockets. The chess game of resource allocation and strategic positioning unfolds as they weigh the options.

In the midst of these deliberations, the team recognizes the need for a local expert to continue the exploration. Sima, already familiar with the area and equipped with the necessary gear, becomes the chosen one. A deal is struck to keep the exploration alive while the main team focuses on the primary mining operation.

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The blog ends with a mix of excitement, uncertainty, and the recognition that each decision made could impact the outcome of their season. The team packs up their excavation site, heading back to the processing facility with the hope of turning their discoveries into a viable payday.

As they depart, the question lingers in the air – how many more hidden treasures lie beneath the ground, waiting to be uncovered? The journey continues, and the pursuit of gold takes this team on an exhilarating adventure into the depths of the earth. NEXT

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