The Aston Martin DB5 was not the first James Bond car but it is certainly the most iconic and has appeared in a total of eight 007 films. These cars have accompanied the character James Bond was originally the late Sir Sean Connery. The late actor owned one until his death in 2020. After his death, this DB5 was sold for $2,425,000 during Monterey Car Week.

The 1964 DB5 for sale comes from Connery’s Estate and a portion of the proceeds will go to the Sean Connery Charitable Foundation, according to Broad Arrow Auctions. In addition to owning a piece of history, the anonymous buyer will also get to drive and interact with Formula 1 champion Sir Jackie Stewart as Stewart and Connery were long-time friends.

The DB5 model first appeared in the movie Goldfinger in 1964. However, the car for sale this time is not equipped with all the weapons and gadgets featured on James Bond cars. This car model was purchased by Connery in 2018 and has never been used in any film. The model remains in original condition and was originally painted black but has been repainted Snow Shadow Gray to resemble the cars 007 drove in the film.

According to the attached reports, the DB5 was stored at Connery’s home in Switzerland. The actor loves cars but rarely drives them because traveling to Europe is becoming more and more difficult as he gets older. Connery lived in the Bahamas until his death in October 2020 at the age of 90. In 2018, Aston Martin announced that they would build successor models to the DB5. A total of 25 models were built at a selling price of about $3.5 million each with all the spy equipment in the movie.

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