If you have just entered the world of watches, you may be dizzy with so many watch brands with different designs and models and not know how to choose a genuine men’s watch. and quality. Information about the materials commonly used in high-end watches below may help you.

The watch case acts as a protective layer
As the most intuitive and easy-to-observe part, when you want to check the quality of a genuine men’s watch, you can start with the watch case.

Playing an important role in ensuring the aesthetics of a watch, its case also helps protect the watch from scratches and damage, limiting the impact of collisions on the internal engine. A quality case is like an insurance layer for the watch.

The shells of high-end watches are often made with materials:

Stainless Steel

It is easy to see stainless steel used by many major watch brands in their products, first of all because of its popularity and reasonable price. In addition, stainless steel also proves its superiority when reaching 5.5 – 6 points on the Mohs hardness scale.

This material also has high durability, good corrosion resistance, poor magnetic reaction and is easy to handle and easy to polish if scratched. Watches with stainless steel shells always exude a special elegance, easily coordinated with different colors and styles.


Another equally popular name used to make genuine men’s watch cases is titanium.

With a hardness up to 5 times higher than stainless steel, while being lighter in weight and recyclable, that is the reason why this material is dominating a large part of watchmaking activities. at many brands.

This is also an option for some environmentally friendly watch product lines. However, titanium’s weakness is that its scratch and impact resistance is worse than stainless steel.

The expression of quality through the glass
Besides the watch case, a genuine men’s watch will use the highest quality glass materials.

There are 2 types of materials commonly used for watch glass:

Sapphire glass

The sapphire glass layer on the surface of the watch will make you immediately attracted and easily recognize the difference between a genuine high-end men’s watch and other low-quality watches.

Because sapphire glass brings high aesthetics and shine, you can clearly see every movement of the hands and even the smallest details on the watch dial.

Sapphire glass is also scratch resistant, reduces impact, protects the watch and has good durability.

Hard glass

Less commonly used than sapphire glass because of its limited scratch resistance, however, hard glass possesses better elasticity, suitable for watches dedicated to low-impact environments.

The engine mechanism is smooth and durable
The engine mechanism is the decisive factor for the smooth operation of a genuine men’s watch.

Famous movements often used in Quartz watches:

Swiss movement: is a famous movement with the highest precision, most used in the high-end genuine men’s watch segment.

Japanese machines: still maintain quality with high precision, but Japanese machines are cheaper so they are equally popular.

In mechanical watches, popular movements are:

ETA movement: used exclusively for brands belonging to the Swatch group. This is the top quality mechanism and accounts for a large part of Swiss watch designs.

Sellita movement: the introduction of Sellita solves the problem of movements when ETA movements are no longer widely available, and therefore almost guarantees the same features as ETA. Since then, Sellita movements have been a popular choice for genuine men’s watches in the mid to high-end segment and are not part of the Swatch group.

Miyota movement: the movement from the Citizen watch brand has breathed a new breeze into the watchmaking market, increasing the diversity of options to bring smooth movements at a cheaper price.

The strap is part of the style
It is an important factor that brings comfort to users. The watch strap also partly shows the characteristics and quality of the watch.

Adjustable leather straps fit well, are softer and have a better feel, often used in classic, elegant watch designs.

Meanwhile, metal straps show more masculinity, strength, and modernity.

Other factors
Above are the factors that help you easily distinguish and choose a genuine men’s watch most visually, but don’t forget that a high-end watch will possess meticulous quality in every smallest detail. Therefore, observing other parts such as the dial, hands, buttons or stitching on the strap and their materials is equally helpful.

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